Choosing the Perfect Gift Card for Your Boss

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Choosing the Perfect Gift Card for Your Boss

Gift cards make excellent thank-you or end-of-year holiday gifts for a boss or coworker. You can buy them in various quantities, so you can go as cheap or as extravagant as you want. 

Of course, you don’t need to come up with a specific present concept; all you have to do is choose a location where the recipient will undoubtedly want to shop, dine, or drink. These gift card ideas are sure to make your coworker or boss happy.

Choosing the Perfect Gift Card for Your Boss: Thoughtful Ways to Show Appreciation

Starbucks Gift Card

Spend $10 to $25

A gift card to Starbucks or a favorite local coffee shop will delight coffee and tea aficionados. They can purchase their customary pick-me-up on the way in to the workplace or buy beans or leaves to brew their favorite drink at home.

Best Buy Gift Card

Spend $25 or more 

Another wonderful suggestion is to give gift cards to electronics stores like Best Buy or Fry’s Electronics, where almost everyone can find something to like at a reasonable price.

They can also use the funds on the card to make a larger purchase, such as a newer, more efficient dishwasher, that they’ve been meaning to make.

App Store, iTunes, or Google Play Gift Card

Spend $10 to $25 

The only way you could go wrong with this gift card suggestion is if you don’t know what kind of phone your recipient owns.

Your coworker with an iPhone (or iPad) can purchase songs and albums from Apple Music, movies and TV series from the iTunes Store, games and other apps from the App Store, and books from Apple Books with an App Store & iTunes gift card.

With a Google Play gift card, your coworker who uses Google’s Android operating system can make purchases from the same vast selection of media and entertainment alternatives as you.

Amazon Gift Card

Spend $15 to $25 

Since the enormous company is well-known for delivering pretty much anything under the sun to your house, an gift card has practically endless possibilities.

It’s also an excellent option for book lovers, as it can be used to purchase books for the Amazon Kindle E-reader.

The Great Courses

Spend $25 or more 

Consider giving a gift voucher to The Great Courses online store to a coworker or supervisor who appreciates learning new things and has a passion for art, history, or art history—really, just about any academic interest you can think of.

Gift cards can be used to purchase instant video, DVD, or (for some courses) instant audio lectures from top instructors. TGC holds monthly promotions where specific classes can be purchased for as little as $25.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Spend $10 or more 

The final no-lose choice is a gift card or voucher to the recipient’s favorite lunch spot—perhaps Chipotle Mexican Grill or a local, non-chain establishment. If you know where your pleasant coworker goes for lunch on a regular basis, see if the establishment offers gift certificates or cards.

Final Thoughts

To show that you’ve thought about it, get your employer a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant. Gift cards are ideal because they mix the convenience of cash with the personalisation of a particular store. You may be thoughtful while also providing a versatile gift.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are gift cards the ideal present for Boss’s Day?

When you need to make a purchase or want to send a gift to someone else, gift cards can be a quick and useful alternative to cash. Digital gift cards are designed to be used online or over the phone, while physical gift cards can be used in stores or online.

2. I’m not sure how much to put on a gift card.

You want to present a gift card with an amount that looks reasonable. General etiquette is normally around $20 for casual acquaintances such as coworkers, $30-$75 for close friends and family members, and more for someone special such as your spouse or a special occasion such as a wedding.

3. Why are gift cards so popular?

Gift cards can be really useful. Give a gift card to a company where they can buy something they need but don’t have the money for for sensible folks who never spend money on themselves. … Save yourself the hassle and get a gift card instead. It will bring joy to everyone, including you.

4. What is the most widely used gift card?

Amazon is the widely used gift card.

According to the research, Amazon is the most popular gift card of the year, followed by Visa, Walmart, Target, and iTunes cards. Other “cash” gift cards came in close behind, with American Express coming in seventh and MasterCard coming in 19th.

5. Is it impolite to give a gift card on Boss’s Day?

Sometimes it is, and the present does not necessitate any thought or wrapping. It can also be degrading to claim that you are wealthier than them or to give the impression that you are attempting to. 

Giving to someone who is financially equal to or greater than you is therefore impolite. Sometimes it’s fine and desired and appreciated, such as during a high school graduation; they value money.

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