The Only Cocktail Sets You Need To Be Your Very Own Bartender

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The Only Cocktail Sets You Need To Be Your Very Own Bartender

About Cocktail Sets

If you are a cocktail bartender, or just want to learn enough skills to impress your friends with fancy drinks and nice presentation, there is one crucial thing that you need: the best cocktail set. Of all the things you’ll need as a budding mixologist, the right set of tools for concocting creative cocktails is essential. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have or how many books on bartending you’ve read: if your equipment is subpar, then no matter how clever your concoctions are they will taste terrible. 



? This leak-proof ROYALE MIX cocktail shaker set for drink mixing includes every essential bar tool (11 pieces) for year-round cocktail making plus a hand-crafted rustic wood stand to organize them in style. 

? High-end drink mixer shaker set


? A home bar accessories set inspired by 20th century rustic-style whiskey crates

? This finely made cocktail shaker set is manufactured with rustproof stainless steel (SS304 & SS430) and solid acacia wood.


The ROYALE Premium Bar Kit has a lot of stuff inside that'll help you make any kind of drink you want. The package comes with a beautiful mahogany finish to give it the elegant look of a professional bartender's tool set. 
Every element in this package is made from stainless steel to make it durable enough to last forever without rusting or corrosion. You can use this 11-piece set to make any kind of drink you want, and since everything has been carefully crafted to be durable, your guests will be able to have the drinks they want without worrying about breaking or losing the tools. 


”I love this bartender kit! Great for a gift, to complete your at home bar, and for entertaining guests. The kit is made out of quality materials, sturdy, shiny, and long lasting. After I bought one my parents and friends instantly asked about it and wanted one also! Buy this set over any others, guaranteed to last and wow a crowd.” 


✅ Ergonomic Handle 

✅ 100% Natural Finish 

✅ Responsibly Sourced Wood 

✅ It's a great quality gift 

✅ Sturdy material 

✅ This will definitely last a very long time 


❌  A bit pricey but not the most expensive one on this list 


? ALL-IN-ONE COCKTAIL SHAKER SET - Every single mixology tool you need in one handy 12pc mixology bartender kit!

? THE PERFECT GIFT - Whether for a beginner or long-time pro, this 12 piece cocktail shaker kit is the perfect gift.

? CLUTTER-FREE & COOL - Use the cocktail shaker set's included, Bamboo stand to style every piece of the bar kit in an easy-to-reach place.

? MADE TO LAST - All bar tools of this cocktail kit are made from 18/8 Grade stainless steel, ensuring it lasts through decades of bar shaker drink-making.


Having the right tools to make some of the best-tasting cocktails you can possibly imagine is easy when you have this bar shaker set from Cresimo. It has a set of 12 different tools that can make a huge difference in your cocktail mixing experience and results. Each tool is made from stainless steel and is very easy to clean with just soap and warm water. You won't have to worry about the staining that sometimes comes with stainless steel; this bar shaker set will stay shiny even after you accidentally spill a drink on it. 
All of the pieces in this set are designed to help you create a different kind of cocktail with ease. Each piece is easy to clean and can be washed easily after every use. The bamboo stand also helps you organize the tools neatly in one place, so they're always easy to find when you need them. The best part about bar shaker sets in general is that they are easy-to-use, safe and neat. You'll appreciate the great functionality while still appreciating how good they look too. 


“Unboxing the product was very easy. It came with a stand and was very easy to set up. I really like how it came with both the bottle opener and the fruit knife , most sets you only get one or the other. It is very easy to clean and a good product. I will be gifting a couple of sets for Christmas.” 


✅ Nice quality and looks exactly as advertised 

✅ Goes great in any kitchen. 

✅ Complete set of tools at an affordable price 


❌  Shaker is a bit small 


? 11-Piece ALL-INCLUSIVE black bartender set of top shelf bar tools. 

? First-class bartending set plus a stylish wooden crate tool holder, both packed together inside a classy gift box.  

? Hand-crafted rustic-style wooden crate, carefully designed to keep your barware tools organized and accessible at all times 

? Heavy-duty and high-grade, martini shaker set (Hand wash only).

? Includes a 3-year quality guarantee.


The set is made of stainless steel materials that are durable enough to last forever without rusting or breaking. The tools are designed to be large and sturdy so that they don't get easily knocked over. This helps you control the amount of liquor in your drinks during mixing procedures without spilling them all over the place or having to keep track of what's going into which drink. 
All the components have been carefully crafted to be durable, with a great capacity for lasting long without getting easily cracked or dented. The set is made from good quality materials, resulting in convenient handling and an attractive appearance that will keep your guests' eyes glued on the bar every time they pour themselves a drink. 


“My husband expressed interest in crafting his own cocktails so I figured this would be a good kit for him to experiment with. He loves it! Great quality for the price, IMO. It looks nice hanging on the wall or sitting on the counter, and now I can have mojitos every weekend. No complaints here!” 


✅ The set as a whole looks great by the bar. 

✅ The wooden crate it comes in adds a nice rustic look along with the dark stainless steel 

✅ Quality is obvious, and the design is beautiful.  

✅ for your home bar or as a gift to a friend!  


❌  The shaker has the tendency to leak in some cases 






? This matte black bartending kit makes professional-level mixology shockingly easy. With all the essential bar accessories and leak-proof cocktail shaker, you won't have to worry about any mess, spillage, or getting your measurements wrong.

? No more clutter in your kitchen drawers and cabinets. 

? Heavy-duty and high-grade, bar kit. This entire cocktail set is made of stainless steel alloy: SS304 & SS430. Color-coated items are highly recommended to be washed by hand to avoid scratching the surfaces.


Black Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand is a set of bar tools that includes a Martini Shaker, Jigger, Strainer, Bar Mixer Spoon, Tongs, Opener. The unique look of this set makes it the best choice for home bartenders. You get all the essential tools in one place without having to carry around tons of stuff at once. 
This black set will help you make your drinks look professional without having to use sparkly or flashy materials to attract attention. You can use the kit to make any type of drink you want since each component has been thoughtfully designed with useful features in mind. 
You can use it for making any type of cocktail that you want since each tool has been carefully designed to be useful without taking up too much of your space. 


“I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a cocktail making kit! It came in really cute packaging and has simple directions to set up the warranty. The utensils are stainless steel and feel very sturdy!” 


✅ The wooden stand organizer makes this product aesthetically pleasing. 

✅ The cocktail cards are a nice addition. 

✅ It’s stainless steel. 


❌ The shaker is difficult to open after you’re done shaking your drink. 




? The perfect great weight&charming mirror-finished design of the two shaker tins are fit each other to offer great water-tight seal, perfect for stirring Manhattan, Martini and Old Fashioned with the large tin or shaking cocktails like Margaritas and Mojitos.

? All the cocktail shaker set is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel that will not leak, break, bend, warp.

? 12 piece cocktail shaker set includes all the bartender accessories

? Easy to clean by hand. Simply rinse with warm water and soap, and this cocktail shaker will be gleaming once again.


This bartender set is a must-have for every home bartender who wants to mix up long drinks like cocktail glasses and pitchers of ice cold beer. This kit has all the practical tools that shine bright thanks to a mirror finish. You can use this set to make any type of drink you want due to its large size and high-quality materials. 
Though it's made of quality stainless steel, the set is easy to handle and doesn't get easily bent or become scratched on rough surfaces. The set is sturdy enough that it won't lose its shape even if you accidentally drop it on some rough surfaces like rocks or concrete. You can carry this bartender kit to parties without having to worry about looking for other things you need there. 
You can't imagine the possibilities of having such a simple bartender set at home. There are so many cool drinks you can make with this set that you can't simply afford to not have it. You'll be able to give your guests the perfect drink by mixing up any kind of drink with the tools included in this kit. Even if you use this set outside your house, it'll still be as practical as it is when you use it in your own kitchen at home. 


“Premium packaging and first impressions were just about being satisfied with getting the money's worth. The 11 pieces are all fully functional and modern looking and very stylish. The pictorial descriptions of what the pieces are and what they do help a lot for those whose first time this is. The quality of the product is super professional too and doesn't feel cheap or flimsy in any way. Would've like for it to come with some storage or stand to set the pieces on. It does a good job being a scratch proof always offering that fresh, new and shiny look. Make happy times happier with this product, great design.” 


✅ Boston shaker is very sturdy, and the finish is fantastic. 

✅ The whole set is very adequate for all your cocktail needs. 


❌ A bit worried about the black mirror-finish getting tarnished 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Cocktail Bartender Set? 

A cocktail bartender set is an all-inclusive kit, usually including a shaker, mixing glass and jigger. The shaker in the set is typically designed like a mini telescope. It has two separate chambers, each with their own opening at the top.

The larger chamber lets you fill it up with ice while you shake your cocktail. The smaller chamber contains your drink and is where you carefully layer on the ingredients before shaking away.

Bar shaker sets are ideal for home bartenders since they allow for quick and easy preparation of a wide variety of cocktails. 

2. Why Get A Cocktail Bartender Set? 

A good cocktail set will allow you to create a wide variety of drinks without having to worry too much about the setup. If you want to get started with making drinks at home, then getting a set is the best way to be sure that your drinks are going to be reliable and easy for people to enjoy.

There are tons of bars out there that have their own sets, but they’re often expensive. You won’t find it as easy when you don’t have someone else’s experience behind you and in general it will be difficult for someone who is starting out to use these sets without having to spend a fortune buying them. 

This could also be a great Father’s Day gift for you dad or husband.

3. How Does A Cocktail Bartender Set Work? 

A cocktail shaker set consists of a mixing glass and a strainer, both of which are part of the same system. The chamber where you place your ice in acts as a mini holding tank. The other chamber is where you mix up your ingredients before adding them to the shaker.

There’s also typically a lid on top that you can put on or take off depending on whether you want to mix something or have already mixed it up. Before shaking, it’s important to make sure that both chambers contain enough ice so that the drink won’t be watered down due to ice melt during shaking procedures. 

4. What Are Some Special Features Of A Cocktail Bartender Set? 

An added feature that sets a good bartender set apart from others is a jigger. A jigger measures the ingredients you wish to add to your cocktail. It can include weights so that you can accurately measure out the ingredients.

You may also get a measuring cup and scoop to make sure that your ingredients don’t over or under pour. These are small but important additions that will help you measure out shake and pour for the best taste every time. 

5. How Do You Clean Your Cocktail Bartender Set? 

Cleaning your cocktail set shouldn’t be too hard if you follow basic cleaning instructions with it. You should not use harsh chemicals to clean, but should instead use warm water and a mild soap. 

6. Should I Bargain On A Cocktail Shaker Set? 

People with smaller budgets shouldn’t have trouble finding good choices for cocktail sets. Choosing the right price range can help you avoid being scammed by people who have more expensive options on their list.

Buying from the middle or top of a price range is better since it guarantees that you’re getting exactly what you want. Sellers would then be more likely to give a refund if the set doesn’t work out for them, regardless of how low the price was that they sold it at. 

7. How Do I Choose The Right Cocktail Bartender Set? 

The main thing you’d need to consider when choosing a set is the kind of drink you want to make the most. If you’re not sure, then seeing what other people are making would help you get an idea for the kinds of things that will work best in your case.

You’ll also need to consider how many cocktails you’ll want to make on an average basis. In general, the more tools you have in your set, the better because it provides more options and flexibility for creating various kinds of drinks. This can help reduce clutter so that everything stays easy to access at all times. 

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