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Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

Corporate Christmas gifts are a great way to establish a good relationship with associates, partners, or prospects during the holiday season.

Businesses also use these thoughtful gifts as motivational tools to reward their employees or clients for the great work they have done all year.

There are few occasions that can be as nerve-wracking for a business as Christmas. The holidays are notorious for being incredibly expensive and the pressure of finding corporate Christmas gift ideas is too much for many managers or business owners to handle. 

These gift ideas may help find the right Christmas gift that is the right kind of special:

However, it’s important for business owners to remember that corporate Christmas gifts don’t have to be complicated or expensive. 

In fact, if you own a small business, it’s absolutely okay to spend less on Christmas gifts for your employees or clients than your larger competitors do. After all, each and every business should spend within its means. 

And that’s where Gift Wonk comes in! We have a list of awesome corporate Christmas gifting ideas for businesses of all sizes.

We’ll help you find the perfect gift, whether you’re trying to impress a client or just want to throw your employees a fun (but still professional) Christmas party. 

Corporate Christmas Gift Tips

Before we begin with our list of corporate Christmas gift ideas, here are some quick tips to help you find the most ideal corporate gifts:

Evaluate your company’s culture 

What kind of environmental factors will influence your employees during their Christmas celebration? 

How is your business viewed by clients? If you’re concerned about coming off as too commercial, consider a thoughtful gift that has a personal touch (such as inviting them to have dinner with you or one of your executives).

Keep your image in mind

When it comes to corporate gifts, choosing the right gift is almost as important as a first impression. If your employees are known for being well-paid and exemplary workers, you’ll want to choose a gift that really shows your company’s reputation. 

If you have a company reputation for being more laid back, it’s okay to go a little less formal with the corporate Christmas gifts.

Consider what your employees want

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Consider what your employees want

When you’re having trouble coming up with a corporate Christmas gift, consider what you think your coworkers want. What would they say they would like more than anything? 

If you have trouble finding a gift your employees would enjoy, don’t forget that you can always ask for suggestions! 

Plan ahead

Always give yourself enough time to save up and prepare for the perfect corporate Christmas gift. You’ll need to take into account how much it will cost and how long the gifts will take to ship and when you need them for.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

A great place to start when looking for corporate Christmas gift ideas is with your clients. What could you offer them that would make them feel valued and appreciated?

Gift Baskets

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Gift Baskets

A gift basket is a classic way to give your client a corporate Christmas gift.

While sending holiday business gifts is a lovely gesture in and of itself, it also serves as a crucial touchpoint for reinforcing the value your company provides to the people who make it all work.

Holiday Business Gifting has become a standard practice for most businesses. The opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and increase engagement is too valuable to pass up.

There’s Something for Everyone in a Gift Basket

Let’s be honest. You have a thorough understanding of your client’s business and how your product or service adds value. Do you know how big their shirts are? What is their favorite color, for example? Or what is their favorite pastime?

A well-crafted and well-thought-out gift basket will have something for everyone. Even if they don’t like everything in the basket, they’ll appreciate some of it, and they can always regift unwanted items to someone else.

Gift Baskets Are Safe Christmas Gifts

While Gift Baskets have been shown to be the most effective business gift, they aren’t the only option. In fact, most business gifting policies specifically mention gift baskets as an acceptable item to receive, and many gifting policies expressly prohibit the acceptance of gift cards. 

Gift Baskets are Substantial and Made to Last

As previously stated, the majority of businesses will send Corporate Gifts to their clients during the holiday season. As a result, it’s unlikely that your company’s holiday gift will be the only one your customer receives. Christmas gift baskets are meant to be consumed over time, so your generosity and gratitude will be remembered for days, if not weeks after the gift arrives.

Your Brand Is Tastefully Incorporated Into Gift Baskets

Your brand and company should be incorporated into gifts, but not to the detriment of the gift itself. Because most gift baskets contain a large number of items, you have a lot of room to be creative with how you incorporate your brand into the gift. 

There are a variety of ways to brand items without detracting from the value of the gift, from branded gift ribbons or wrapping to branded containers.

Gift Baskets Offer Endless Combinations
Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Gift Baskets Offer Endless Combinations

It’s critical to keep your business holiday gift fresh year after year. Fortunately, there are a plethora of ways to customize a gift basket to ensure that the gift remains fun, interesting, and exciting year after year. 

Adding keepsake items like a branded coffee tumbler or water bottle, or changing the container from a Christmas gift basket to a Christmas gift box, are great ways to provide variety and delight your customers and employees.

Gift Baskets Have a High Perceived Value and Can Be Customized To Fit Any Budget.

Any well-made gift basket will make an excellent presentation. A gift basket, when done correctly, will be aesthetically pleasing, contain a wide variety of items that people enjoy, have a high perceived value, and be within your budget.

Purchasing Gift Baskets is Simple and Easy

For most people, the holiday season is a hectic time. Most people don’t have days or weeks to devote to holiday business gift planning and purchasing., for example, has hundreds of baskets to choose from and will handle all of the details for you. Just give them your budget and a list of gift recipients, and they’ll take care of the rest. The procedure could not be simpler.

Products and Services

If your business offers a product or service, you can always include a gift card with a unique code to give your client full access to the product or service you provide.


If your company could provide tickets or access to an event that they would enjoy, why not send them a corporate Christmas gift like this? You’ll be giving them something they can enjoy with their friends and family.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Employees

A little bit easier to find than corporate gifts for clients, holiday gifts for employees are often slightly more casual than the standard business gifts. Here are some general ideas:

Christmas Bonus

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Christmas Bonus

If your employee is paid fairly, why not give them a cash bonus? This is a really simple corporate Christmas gift idea that will make them feel appreciated.

Employers have long used holiday bonuses to express their gratitude to their employees. Employees on the receiving end appreciate being appreciated, but they prefer cash even more.

What Type of Bonus Should Your Corporate Provide?

Cash Bonus

Almost everyone appreciates a little extra cash during the holidays. And it’s not without reason. During the holidays, most people have additional expenses.

A cash bonus is a lump sum payment made to all employees in some small businesses. In some cases, it’s calculated as a percentage of salary or based on the company’s profitability for the year.

Performance-based bonuses

Performance-based bonuses are sometimes given instead of or in addition to holiday bonuses by some companies.

Employers tie bonuses to how employees meet or exceed sales or other goals during the year, and thus how they’ve contributed to the company’s goals and objectives, in these pay-for-performance programs. Performance bonuses are frequently not distributed until the New Year.

Non-Cash Gifts

Many small businesses provide non-cash gifts to their employees in lieu of or in addition to a cash bonus. Others provide unique benefits such as holiday flexibility or additional vacation time.

Gift Card

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Gift Card

A gift card sounds like an easy corporate holiday gift to give any employee. However, there are many customization options that you can use to make the gift card really appropriate for your company.

For example, you could send them a local restaurant gift card or a “treat yourself” gift card for their personal use.

A holiday gift card can be a great way to thank your employees, clients, and anyone else who helps you grow your business. They are available from almost any retailer or business. You may also be able to find holiday gift card deals that allow you to get a better deal on your purchase.

There are a variety of creative ways to give gift cards to make the experience even more memorable. You could, for example, purchase a one-of-a-kind corporate gift box and include the gift card in a stocking, or conceal it inside another gift, such as a briefcase or vase.

Choosing the right gift for your clients, customers, and employees can be difficult at times. Instead, get some ideas from our list of holiday gift cards.

  • Visa – Your business associates can spend a Visa gift card pretty much anywhere. However, you can personalize the design with an image or a personal photo to make it unique.
  • American Express – American Express, another widely accepted gift card, also offers business rates for those who need to buy a lot of gifts.
  • Amazon- Amazon has pretty much everything your team members want for Christmas. Additionally, the website sells one-of-a-kind gift boxes.
  • Office Depot – Choose a store that sells office supplies, such as Office Depot/Office Max, if you want to stick with professional holiday gift cards.
  • Wayfair – Consider giving a Wayfair gift card to any coworkers or business associates who are in need of new office furniture or have recently moved into a new home.
  • The Home Depot – If you need a holiday gift card for coworkers or clients who have home or office projects to complete, The Home Depot is another great option.
  • Walmart – Walmart sells Walmart gift cards as well as gift cards from other retailers and restaurants. You can also get e-gift cards for business associates you won’t be seeing over the holidays.
  • Target – Target is a store where you can get almost anything. If there are people on your list for whom you have no idea what to buy, it could be the ideal holiday gift card.
  • Apple – Consider an Apple gift card for team members or clients who may require new technology.
  • iTunes – An iTunes gift card could be the ideal way to give the gift of entertainment in the form of music, movies, or even apps. To use it, make sure the recipient has an Apple device or an iTunes account.
  • Google Play – Consider a Google Play gift card instead of a traditional gift card if you’re buying holiday gifts for people who have Android or Google devices.
  • Microsoft – You could also give your colleagues a Microsoft gift card to allow them to purchase Windows products, Microsoft gear, or even Xbox accessories.
  • Netflix – Give your coworkers a Netflix gift card that can cover their account for several months if they enjoy binge-watching their favorite shows.
  • eBay – On eBay, you can still find almost anything. This gift card could be ideal for those who collect vintage items or enjoy looking for bargains on the internet.
  • Etsy – Etsy also offers gift cards for purchase. As a result, this could be a great option for your coworkers who appreciate unique handmade or vintage decor.
  • Ticketmaster – A Ticketmaster gift card could help your coworkers get more tickets to live events, especially if it would be beneficial for them to bring clients or prospects.
  • Uber – An Uber gift card can make it easier for your team members to get around town. This is especially useful for coworkers who travel frequently.
  • Whole Foods – Purchase Whole Foods gift cards for all of your health-conscious team members or customers, which they can use to buy groceries at your local store or even online.
  • Michael’s – Allow team members who are particularly creative or who work on artistic projects at work to choose their own art and craft supplies from Michael’s.
  • – offers gift cards that can be used to book almost anything if you’re looking for gift card deals for team members who enjoy traveling.
  • BP – Gas is an excellent gift for business associates, particularly those who must drive frequently for work. As a result, a BP gift card could be the ideal solution.
  • Barnes & Noble – If your coworkers or clients enjoy reading or need to buy books for work, consider a Barnes & Noble gift card.
  • Dinner and a Movie – If you just want to treat your coworkers to a fun night out, this dinner and movie gift card gives them a variety of theaters and restaurants to choose from.

Gift Basket

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Gift Basket

It’s always nice to surprise your employee with a unique corporate Christmas gift. This is especially true if they have families to go home to. Include some candy, coffee, and other seasonal gourmet chocolate treats in the basket as well.

Not only do gift baskets come in a large variety, but they are also very easy to customize and personalize. Gift baskets are generally very easy to make. For a personal and thoughtful touch, you can purchase a lovely gift basket and then accent it with your company’s logo and accents.

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for Colleagues

The key is to make sure that you sincerely know the person and what they value. That will help a lot with finding something that they will truly appreciate.

Personalized items

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Personalized items

If your colleague has a hobby or a certain passion, how about getting them something to help them excel in that area? 

If you’re not sure what hobbies or interests your coworker has, you can always try to ask! The worst thing that will happen is that they’ll tell you something they already own.

Gifting has aided in the development of business relationships and the strengthening of ties between colleagues. A simple act of giving can have a profound effect on someone’s life. 

We give gifts on a variety of occasions. It may appear that selecting gifts for your colleagues is a difficult task. However, if you know the recipient’s personal preferences, selecting gifts that will enchant him or her in every way is simple.

Many people have trouble deciding what kind of gifts to give. When giving a gift, it’s critical to consider the recipient’s various wants and needs. It can be a simple gift that will bring a smile to your colleague. 

The emotions associated with the gift are the most important. When words fail, small gestures will stand the test of time. personalized gifts can help you out by providing you with a large selection of gift items that you can order online from the comfort of your own home. 

Provides a Personal Touch

Giving personalized gifts is a wonderful experience, and they are heartfelt gifts. These gifts have become popular in recent years because they are one-of-a-kind and can brighten any occasion. 

On gift items like wallets, notebooks, pens, and lighters, you can have your recipient’s name engraved, embossed, or printed. It shows the receiver that the sender put a lot of thought and effort into selecting that special gift, which will be treasured as a token of love and memory for a long time. 

Personalized gifts, unlike other traditional gifts such as chocolates and flowers, are highly valued by the recipient.

Perfect for Everyone

Everyone wishes to purchase the ideal present. Personalized gifts for your colleagues will do a magic trick to see that lovely smile bloom on their faces.

If you’re giving a coworker gift during the holidays, personalized pens or a personalized notebook will strengthen personal bonds between colleagues. Coworker gifting is a fantastic way to express your appreciation.

Builds Strong Relationships

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - Builds Strong Relationships

personalized gifts are thoughtful and add a personal touch to any occasion. When someone sends a gift, it creates a positive atmosphere and strengthens the bond between them. Gifts express genuine feelings and show gratitude to those who receive them. 

Use your imagination to come up with a one-of-a-kind gift to surprise your colleagues. You can make the occasion more memorable by giving your coworkers a personalized gift.

The gifts are not only remembered for a long time, but they also help to form strong bonds between people.

Long-term Value

People are more conscious of the quality, customization, and uniqueness of personalized gifts these days when it comes to gift selection. Every gift is not only materialistic but also emotionally charged. Gifts that are thoughtful are always exciting. 

For example, personalized leather wallets from well-known iconic brands with security features or personalized pens from international brands have long-term value because they can be used every day.

Makes Any Occasion Memorable

When it comes to gifting, there are a plethora of options. Customized gifts are a great way to show your appreciation to your colleagues.

These gifts will make any occasion memorable. personalized gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression on the recipient. They’re ideal for any occasion and are sure to catch the recipient’s attention at first glance.

Final Thoughts

Corporate Christmas gifts are a great way to show appreciation for your employees, clients, and even just your colleagues. There is no better time of year to voice our appreciation and gratitude than the holidays. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is giving corporate gifts mandatory?

Corporate gifts are highly recommended but not required. Many companies feel that having a corporate holiday gifts program is more valuable than a lot of the other material benefits they have to offer.

Your clients and employees will love to receive the extra little touches of thoughtfulness that you can provide with corporate Christmas gifts.

What should you avoid giving your boss as a gift this holiday festive season?

Here are some suggestions if you do decide to give your boss a gift: Don’t divulge any information that is too personal: A good rule of thumb, according to experts, is to avoid anything that comes into contact with the skin.

That means no jewelry, perfume, clothing, and, most importantly, no boxers or other intimate clothing.

What is the appropriate amount to spend on employee gifts?

The amount you spend on employee gifts should be determined by your annual budget. We recommend including gifts in your annual budget and determining how much you spend on any occasion based on the amount you’ve set aside. Fortunately, there are meaningful employee gift options to suit all budgets.

What are some good Christmas gifts for employees?

Customizable apparel and travel books are two popular employee Christmas gifts. Employees will appreciate thoughtful, non-gimmicky, and non-seasonal gifts. 

Why should I give my employees gifts?

Giving gifts to employees boosts morale. They show appreciation for their employees and make them feel valued. Employees may even perceive gifts as a reflection of how much a company values its work.

Should I send gifts to my home-based employees?

People who work from home may occasionally feel disjointed. Sending gifts to remote employees is a great way to make a tangible connection with them.

What kinds of gifts do you recommend for your employees?

The best employee gifts combine thoughtfulness, functionality, and enjoyment. Customizable office items and accessories, wellness products, and Christmas gift boxes and baskets are among the most popular gifts.

What are some examples of gender-neutral employee gifts?

If you need to purchase employee gifts in bulk, choose gender-neutral items like games, home goods, and gift boxes and baskets. 

How do I choose gifts that my employees will enjoy?

Plan ahead of time to select gifts that employees will enjoy. Take your time to find items that are appropriate for all occasions and that appeal to the majority of your employees’ preferences and interests.

How can I make unique employee gifts?

Adding personalizations and customizations to a highly functional gift, such as office supplies, is a great way to make it extra special. 

How will I know if my gift is appreciated by my coworkers?

Include gift-giving questions in your annual employee survey. Encourage people to be truthful.

Employee gifts are an investment, so tracking their success and tweaking your strategy to ensure your gifts are increasing employee morale and happiness is perfectly reasonable.

What are the advantages of appreciation gifts for clients and customers?

Sending an appreciation gift to a customer or client has a number of advantages. Some of these advantages will be apparent right away, while others will take time to manifest.

When a customer or client receives a well-chosen appreciation gift, it communicates to them that you value their business and look forward to working with them in the future.

The right gift, whether given once or repeatedly, will continue to pay off for your business by strengthening your relationship with your client and fostering a positive working relationship that values both parties’ efforts.

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