Gifts Any Whiskey Drinker Would Absolutely Love

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Gifts Any Whiskey Drinker Would Absolutely Love

About Whiskey

Whiskey. It’s as American as, well, apple pie and baseball. Mention a craft distillery in the Midwest and people will immediately think about whiskey and bourbon. Whiskey is as old as time, and there’s a moment’s pause when you realize that whiskey has been around for a long time.

The earliest forms of whiskey would have been made with whatever grain was available for fermentation (usually spent grains like barley) and then distilled. All varieties of whiskey today are descendants of Irish whisky and Scottish whisky, which both go back to the Irish national drink uisce beatha or ‘water of life.’ 




? 2 DRINKING GLASSES – Double Rocks Old Fashioned Glasses (12oz) Serve your best old fashioned or a cocktail of your own design with this distinctive Libbey 2311 Vibe 12 oz. 

? 2 BOTTLES OF HELLA BITTERS (Citrus & Aromatic) Perfect bitters for old fashioned: Exotic spices prevail in the unique Citrus formula that features four types of citrus peel and tastes like summer in India. 

? 2 TAVOLA OLD FASHIONED ICE CUBE TRAYS-Ice Sphere Molds: Innovative and clever design stacks neatly to conserve space and leak free 


? 1 ZESTER/PEELER Garnishing Tool Perfect Gift For the Man in your life


This kit comes with all the stuff you need to prepare a delicious drink in no time. The recipe included is for a classic old-fashioned, and the ingredients are also standard ones that you probably already have. There are also pre-measured containers for your bitters and syrups, which ensures that there is not any mess in that area. The price of the kit is also very reasonable, considering that it comes with everything you need to make 35 servings per bottle, all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, no fake stuff. 
The kit includes ingredients like almond syrup and plus muddle sticks for making the ingredients. The spices are also included in this kit, which means you can experiment and try your hand at creating some new flavors of ginger beer or flavored syrup. 


“I bought this for my boyfriend that got obsessed with Mad Men. He loved it. The glasses are heavy duty, wont chip. The ice cube maker is perfect for the size glasses that come with it. I was surprised at how big the ice cube was, but my boyfriend said that it is the perfect size. You only need 1 and it melts slowly and perfectly while he drinks it. 100% recommend for newbies just getting started with their kit! It came with everything listed and pictured.”


✅ Great gift for the whiskey lover 

✅ Has everything you need to be your very own fancy bartender 

✅ Comes with unique ice molds 

✅ Great gift idea when you do not know what to buy somebody. 


❌ Could’ve added more bitters  


? LASER ENGRAVED PERSONALIZATION – Beautifully engraved featuring your personal attributes in stunning detail 

? MAKE YOU OWN SPIRITS – Enjoy up to 70 % savings crafting your own Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 

? PARTY IN A BOX – Kit includes everything to care for barrel & create maiden batch



This is my personal favorite; I just love the idea of making your own whiskey at home. The kit comes with everything you need to make a two-gallon batch of whiskey, and the instructions are very simple to follow. The kit comes with three types of oak barrels and the oak staves for them, some fermentation locks, a hydrometer, some muslin bags for filtering, and a container to hold the finished product once it’s ready. 
There are also instructions on how to prepare your ingredients for fermentation and distillation, as well as how to take care of your equipment. You can add various ingredients like molasses or honey to give various flavors and tastes while you are aging it in the barrel. 
Not only that, the barrel can be beautifully engraved featuring your personal attributes in stunning detail. 


“This is my first barrel (3L). Everything has worked great and it hasn’t leaked at all. I’m excited to see how it turns out but don’t have a finished product to comment on yet. I decided to pay extra for the personalized option. Well done Skeeter”


✅ Perfect gift for someone who is difficult to buy for 

✅ Quality of the barrel is top-notch 

✅ Any whiskey lover would fall in love with this 

✅ One of the most unique personalized gifts you can give anyone 


❌ Some customers complained of leakage   









? FUN GIFT – Our Handcrafted Cocktail Kits make the perfect gifts for both women and men during any occasion or celebration! 

? ️ BEST IN-FLIGHT TRAVEL ACCESSORIES – Ideal for airplane rides, hotel rooms and on the go excursions. 

? SERVICE GUARANTEE – We promise to send a replacement or refund if there are ever any issues with cocktail kit.

? GREAT EXPERIENCE – It’s not just a gift, it’s an experience! 

? ️QUALITY COCKTAILS – Our cocktails are developed and tested by experienced bartenders and mixologists. 


This kit comes with everything you need to create a quaint and tasty cocktail. If you camp a lot and fly a few times a year, these kits are perfect for both. The directions are simple, and every kit is packaged perfectly; complete with flavor essences, bitters, and whatever else is required for that particular cocktail.  
When you have finished with the kit, you can purchase a refill kit for the tin, which is great because the tin is too nice to just toss. You can also try various kits from this company. The size of the kits makes them easily portable, and the cleverness of the kit makes for a great gift. 


“I love the Cocktail kits especially for our travels. We have an RV and are on the road almost 2 months a year visiting different locations in our great country. I don’t want to take up space creating a full service bar so the kits are a perfect answer to maintaining our lifestyle. The kits are a nice size, easy to use, inexpensive, and delicious! I would like to see them develop more kits for more types of mixed drinks! Thanks” 


✅ Travel size kit 

✅ Perfect for long flights and sea cruises 

✅ Stellar ingredients 

✅ Perfect gift for men! 


❌ Prone to leakage








? DO YOUR OWN THING – Trade a cask for the bottle and create authentic whisky flavor with our exclusive woodchip blends. 

? GET CREATIVE WITH NATURE – Experiment with three types of oak and six herbs & spices to give your mix a truly personal touch. 

? PAMPER YOUR EYES & PALATE – Along with premium ingredients, our kit contains two beautiful glass prep bottles and six whiskey ice cubes made of stainless steel. 

? BECOME A PRO AT THE BAR – From Scotch Single Malt and Irish Blend to good old American Bourbon



DO YOUR GIN has developed an extremely popular kit that is among the best DIY whiskeys on the market. The kit comes with all the ingredients you need to make a blend of your own, and you can also add any single ingredient you want to change up the taste. The only drawback is that the list of potential ingredients on their website looks huge, but it really just means that they cater for all types of whiskey taste profiles. 
The kit comes with a great wooden box which makes it look classy, and all the contents are in pretty sturdy packaging. It’s one of those kits where you might give as a gift to someone close to your heart, and they will cherish it. The price is also very reasonable, and this might be one of the best DIY kits you can get for a gift. 


“Best giftable item for my son in law who is a whiskey lover. He started the kit that week and loved the flavors he incorporated into the bourbon (you have to buy separate) it is a special out of the box gift that is sure to please! He has them fermenting now and will do the reveal soon. We are all excited”


✅ The perfect gift for anyone curious enough to make their own alcohol at home 

✅ Create your own recipes 

✅ Good amount of ingredients provided 


❌ A bit pricey 







? Kit contains everything you need – except alcohol – to make your own spirits! 

? You don’t need to work in a distillery to age and season your favorite spirits like a pro. 

? The Swish Barrel Bootleg Kit™ is a handmade American white oak barrel of superb craftsmanship that Includes spigot, bung, stand, essences. 

? 20 Liter 15″ x 10.5″ x 10.5″ inches 

? Generally Ships within 1-2 Business Days 


This kit comes with the supplies you need to make a four-gallon batch of whiskey in your own home. The kit comes with five different types of barrels, including five oak staves, oak chips for charring and aging, three oak lids and a barrel stopper for the aging process, five stainless steel fermenting buckets and a corkscrew to open the oak barrel. All these items are carefully packaged in a beautiful wooden box for storage. The makers have also added some extras such as a funnel that can be used during the distilling process and an air pump that can be used to inflate the fermentation buckets. 


“My boyfriend really enjoyed this anniversary gift. He said you don’t need to use the essence as the barrel is already charred! Definitely worth the money! Keep in mind, a good bit of the alcohol will evaporate, so be sure to purchase enough liquor. ”

“The barrel has a great appearance.and has been charged very well.just finished a batch and does taste well. ”


✅ The barrel has a great appearance 

✅ Has been charred very well  

✅ Has everything you need to age your very own whiskey 


❌ It is a little expensive 


We’ve got you covered with more of these amazing gift lists:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make superior whiskey with one of these kits?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, some people would argue that you can even make a better whiskey than those who distill professionally. In my experience, the whiskey I made myself was on par with what I had purchased from the store, and it tasted exactly as I had intended it to.

You can also tweak your recipe by adding various ingredients along the way to create a truly unique blend. 

2. Do these kits come with full instructions? 

Yes, all of them are pretty good at including enough instructions to get you started. The biggest factor is time, and you don’t have to be home for this entire process. Some recipes require that you check the progress at regular time intervals, while others don’t require as much attention. 

3. What kind of bottles do you recommend for storing the whiskey? 

This varies from recipe to recipe, but whatever it is, make sure to use a glass bottle to keep it in good condition. If you choose to age it in wood, then older versions of your homemade whiskey will be more well-tasted than newer ones. 

4. Can I use my own ingredients or an equal substitute? 

Yes, you can. Many people would argue that using bottled liquors or purchased whiskey is cheating when it comes to making your own homemade whiskey. You should also consider buying a set of bottles so that you can take advantage of the return policy if something goes wrong with your batch during the aging period. 

5. How do I clean the bottles? 

The bottles you use don’t have to be perfect, but if they are dirty or resemble something you would get from a liquor store, then you will want to clean them. You can wash them with soap and warm water or use a more in-depth method like using bleach and UV sterilization to disinfect the bottles. 

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