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Best Gifts for Moms Who Claim They Don’t Need Anything

Unique Gifts for Mom Who Has Everything  

Whether she raised you to be the individual you are today (even throughout those defiant teenage years), has indeed just always provided you a mother’s love.

Or she’s brand-new to the entire parenting thing, these remarkably thoughtful, deeply special presents for mom.

From a customized portraiture best for a mother-daughter present to a Meyer lemon tree transported straight from Amazon (how exceptional!)

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To a relaxing foot massager for mothers that like to take everyday strolls– will certainly prove to her just how much she means to you.   

Regardless of if you’re shipping out a Holiday gift, or providing ing her something personally for Mother’s Day.  

Go above and beyond and combine the present with what truly matters: A sincere message (or perhaps some nice song lyrics) inscribed on the card.   

Not the extremely mushy kind?

There are also lots of practical presents for mom, like bespoke candlelight, a gravity blanket, as well as one of the comfiest slippers that’ll end up being part of her day-to-day regimen.

Because, really, who deserves it even more than mom even if she professes, she does not need anything or “has every little thing.”   

Whether you’re looking for something small or big for your mom or wife for Christmas, her birthday, or another occasion, we’ve got you covered with more of these amazing gift lists.


1. COMFY MOM: Weighted Blanket
2. THE HOMEMAKER: Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser 

4. NEAT FREAK: iRobot Roomba i3+ 

5. COFFEE LOVER: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
1. COMFY MOM : Weighted Blanket


  • Use This Weighted Blanket on Its Own or with a Duvet Cover

  • The original YnM weighted blanket offers a natural way to help calm your body for a restful night of sleep

  • Made with multiple layers and smaller compartments for maximum comfort that contours to the shape of your body

  • Our unique 7-layer structure is designed to keep you comfortable and cool 

The trendiest way to stay warm and relieve tension is with these weighted blankets. Since mom won't want you to spend a lot on her gift, go for this alternative because it's way more economical than other choices. This weighted blanket will help mom fall asleep more quickly, sleep more soundly, and stay asleep for longer stretches. Even when you're far away, this blanket will make mom feel like you're hugging her all the time. 


✔Increases average time it takes to fall asleep

✔Causes deep sleep

✔Relieves anxiety and stress

✔Helps with sleepwalking issues

✔Available in a children size/weight

✔Durable and well-constructed

✔Helps with restless leg syndrome


❌Can be a bit hot for some


  • Uses the newest technology so you can perfectly control it just by using an app 

  • Will create the perfect environment so you can breathe and sleep better, relax, and feel better than ever

  • When it’s out of water, it will automatically stop working for lower power consumption

The inclusion of a Smart Diffuser that integrates with Amazon Alexa or Google Home brings a very nice touch to your home, whether or not you have a totally pimped out smart home, or just a smart speaker. Give her this top-rated essential oil diffuser if she's tired of getting the hang of yet another gadget, as it blends effortlessly with her other Amazon Alexa devices. That means she won't have anything new to learn... With the exception of which oils she should be using. 


✔Great sized water container at 500ml

✔Beautiful design

✔Alexa and Google compatible

✔Not too loud when operating

✔Multiple mist settings


❌Lights may be too bright for sleeping 



  • Find keys, bags & more 

  • When outside of Bluetooth range, use the tile app to view your tile’s most recent location or enlist the safe and anonymous help of the tile network

  • Use your tile to find your phone, even when it’s on silent

  • Subscribe to premium or premium protect for proactive finding features and enhanced services

If your mom ever finds herself arriving late to go to places because she can't find her keys, you know she's not alone. But also understand that there's a solution to that problem. The Tile Pro is a sleek, portable tracking device that she can clip to her keys or anything else she finds herself constantly losing. Like its equivalent, the Tile Pro Sport, with support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, it has longer range and a louder alert than the Tile Mate and Tile Slim. Trust me, she'll be so grateful for these! 


✔Ease of use

✔Map of last location

✔Makes your smartphone play a sound signal even when it's on silent

✔It works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, so you can ask your voice assistant to find your Tile too

✔You can share you Tile with a friend or family member so that they can activate the tracker


❌Depends on the wider Tile community when you lose things

❌You need to subscribe to Tile Premium if you want to share your Tile with more than one person

4. NEAT FREAK : iRobot Roomba i3+ 


  • Automatic Dirt Disposal that allows the i3+ to empty itself

  • Pulls in stubborn dirt & messes with a Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System & 10X the Power-Lifting Suction

  • Control how you clean with the iRobot HOME app or your voice assistant

  • Reactive Sensor Technology tells the robot where it can & cannot reach

  • Learns your cleaning habits to offer up personalized schedules

  • High-Efficiency Filter traps 99% of cat & dog allergens 

If your mom still has the more traditional robot vacuum and is dreaming of upgrading it, the self-emptying charging base is going to make all the difference. There is a charging base in most robot vacuums that is four inches from floor to top. The base is a little more than foot-and-half tall, so it just can't go under shelves or small nooks. The base of the Roomba i3+ includes a vacuum that sucks everything out of the robot unit and seals it in a bag that is allergen-proof. When it comes time for her to get involved by removing this bag from the base unit, she'll be delighted to know that the bag actually seals itself, so she never needs to see, smell, or touch anything unpleasant, like pollen and pet shedding. 


✔Self-emptying dustbin

✔Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

✔Supports IFTTT and scheduling

✔Detects and focuses on heavily soiled areas


❌Average battery life 

❌Can be loud 


  • Extended battery life on your temperature control mug keeps your drink perfectly hot for up to 80 minutes on a single charge

  • The smart mug allows you to control with your smartphone

  • The Ember heated mug intelligently senses when to turn on and off

  • This stainless-steel coffee mug with an updated scratch-resistant ceramic coating is safe to hand wash

  • Ember’s 1 year promise and 30-day return

The Ember Ceramic Mug is life-changing whether your mom is someone who sips rather than gulps their coffee. With regular mugs. she would need to take a couple of trips to the microwave for reheating. The Ember Mug is the best smart mug ever. It's incredibly great to keep mom’s coffee at the ideal drinking temperature all throughout the entire mug.  I don't think your mom can go back to using a regular mug after a week of using the Ember Mug. Not only does the Ember Mug maintain her coffee hot, it means that each drink will be at the same temperature as the last. There is also a two-hour inactivity shut-off, as it can turn off automatically if she does not pick it up for two hours. 


✔High quality materials 

✔Maintains temperatures between 120°-145° Fahrenheit 

✔Battery lasts around 80 minutes 

✔Charging coaster keeps drink hot all day 

✔Connects via Bluetooth, app easy to use  


❌Not Dishwasher or Microwave Safe


What is the best gift for mom? 

For mom, the best gift to give is something that is both thoughtful and beneficial. Anything that symbolizes your bond to her. A gift that she would never think of buying for herself, but that would be useful and unforgettable at the same time. 

What to get a mom who says she doesn’t need anything? 

The best gift for a mom who says she doesn’t need anything and for whom money is no problem is tough to find. Think about experiences and items that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. 

What are good small gifts for mom? 

Perfumes, accessories such as bathrobes, socks, slippers, and also small tech gadgets such as headsets or wireless speakers are the perfect small gifts for mom. 

What should I get my mom on her birthday or any occasion? 

In order to find the best gift for moms, think about your budget first.  Are you searching for a gift that’s under $100? Is there a way for you to stretch your budget a bit higher? What would she need that will make a difference in her everyday life and remind her of you every time she uses it? Take a look at our list of best gifts for moms to get an idea. 

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