National Boss Day: Last-minute Gift Ideas For Your Boss

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National Boss Day: Last-minute Gift Ideas For Your Boss

National Boss Day is approaching, in case you hadn’t noticed. So, if you’re stuck for what to get your boss, you’re in luck because we’ve put up a list of last-minute gift ideas just for you. Oh, and don’t worry about blowing your budget on these gifts. All of the gifts on this list are inexpensive and easy to locate.

National Boss Day Essentials

Plants For Their Desk

At work, we all need a little bit of green. Succulents are excellent desk plants because they require little maintenance. You only need to clean a couple of times a year, and it’s a simple process. And they’re also great as gifts for bosses who love the outdoors. Find them at your local garden center, or order them online.

Paper Weight

Perfect for anyone who has to deal with a lot of paperwork on a regular basis. It can sit on a desk or counter and hold papers down. It’s a simple, but elegant gift that anyone will love. You can find them at your local office supply store, or find them online.

Laser Pointer

A lovely but simple gift for your boss. Every boardroom presentation will undoubtedly have a high-tech feel thanks to laser pointers. Your boss will really adore it. It’s a little pricey, but look for sales online.

Get a Book

For Boss’s Day, nothing beats the gift of knowledge. And if the boss likes reading, you’re in luck. You can find a wide variety of books online that are perfect for all occasions, from math to poetry. Plus, they make great gifts for everyone on your list.

A Book End

Maybe it’s time for your coworker to make a tiny library out of all of his or her books. If so, this is a fantastic gift that will look great on their shelf. You can find them online or in book stores.

Gift Basket

This is something you can get at the mall or the supermarket. However, if you have the time, you can make your own gift basket and personalize it. Personalized gifts make great, inexpensive gifts. You may also check out our article about Best Gift Baskets For National Boss Day

Book of Inspirational Quotes

Everyone could use a little additional motivation after dealing with a strong-willed squad. Find a book with beautiful cover art and use it as desk decor.

Here are 4 Good Quote Books You Should Have

Flash Drive

This is the best choice for busy professionals who don’t have time to read long books anymore. If the boss works on the computer during work hours, this USB can hold important files to access whenever he or she wants to.

A Mug for Their Coffee

It’s the mother of all cliches when it comes to gift-giving, but it’s better than nothing. And you can even personalize it by adding a cute saying. They’ll certainly think of you every time they take a sip of their coffee.


Is your coworker/boss a fan of a certain film, musician, or song? For Christmas, why not get them a music album or a movie? They can listen or watch it on their PC/laptop at home and enjoy all the time.

A Gift Certificate

If you don’t want to head to the mall for a last-minute gift shopping trip, purchasing a gift card is a good alternative. You may also check out our article about the best gift cards to give to your boss

Baked Goodies 

Because your coworkers don’t want you unless you have buns, hun! But, truly, cookies, brownies, and breads are excellent snacks for any occasion. A box of sweets (chocolates, candies, etc.) is almost always a safe bet, unless your officemate has a specific food sensitivity.

Personal Hygiene Kit

Antibacterial wipes, sanitizer, and moisturizer aren’t only for your boss with a bad case of germaphobia. You may also add some lip moisturizer. A small amount of moisturizer can make a big difference. For an immediate Boss’s Day hit, grab a stick of chapstick and a letter that says, “You’re the balm.”


If you’re a keen observer, you’ll have figured out who among your coworkers is a coffee or tea connoisseur. So, as a Boss Day present, how about a box of hard-to-find coffee or a rare package of herbal tea?

Bottle of Wine or Whiskey

This one is self-explanatory and will come in handy after a long day at the office. This is a very thoughtful and classy gift that your boss will definitely cherish.

Water Tumbler

We all drink water, thus almost everyone could benefit from one.A  water tumbler is a great gift for all occasions, especially Boss’s Day. 

Scented Candle

We’re quite sure a candle is the go-to item for those looking for a quick and easy present. They also smell amazing, so the whole office can enjoy them! A scented candle can make a boss’s day.

Survival Kit 

With a Manager Survival Kit, you can help your boss be prepared for anything comes their way. All you’ll need are the following items:

  • When things get tough, bandaids come in handy.
  • Rubber bands serve as a reminder to remain adaptable.
  • Paper clips will assist you in keeping everything together.
  • Pencils are no longer used, but everyone makes mistakes.
  • Thank you for putting up with the team’s nonsense with toilet paper.

Tag For Their Bag or Luggage

A baggage tag would be a lovely present for frequent travelers or those returning home for the holidays. A baggage tag is a great gift because it can be placed on a bag or suitcase, where it will serve as a reminder of your thoughtful gesture.

Stress Ball or Toy

Let’s face it, we’ve all been stressed at some point in our lives. A stress ball is a useful gift because it can be used to relieve stress when needed.

Cleaning Kit For Their Desk

Remember the end-of-the-year spring cleaning? And it’s something your coworker can utilize on a daily basis. This is a great gift because it’s very practical but also a nice way of saying thanks for all that they do.

Desk Calendar 

Those that need a little extra help meeting deadlines. Again, no harm intended. A desk calendar can be very useful for keeping track of meeting dates and other important occasions at work.

Printed Photos

Find a group photo of you and your coworkers, print it, add a thoughtful statement to the back, and voila! – you’ve got yourself a perfect Boss Day gift.

A Simple Greeting Card

Greeting cards are the ultimate last-minute present. They may not be worth much, but as they say, it’s the thought that counts.

Final Thoughts

To be appreciated, your gift does not have to be expensive or planned in advance. Just remember to say “thank you” to your supervisor for all of his or her support in providing direction and leadership at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I get my boss as a gift?

The most difficult thing is deciding what to get your employer. If you’re not sure what to get them, send them a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop or lunch restaurant. 

Alternatively, give holiday cookies, which are always appreciated. Before presenting a food gift, make sure you’re aware of any dietary restrictions or allergies.

A bottle of wine or bourbon is a classic gift, but make sure your boss enjoys the occasional glass of vino or spirits before purchasing liquor.

The best gifts are those that are tailored to your boss’s preferences. A favorite sports team’s shirt or hat, a donation to a charity your boss cares about, a lovely mug with gourmet tea for the tea drinker, or a box of quality chocolates are all good ideas.

2. What should I do if my boss purchases a present for me?

If your boss buys you a gift, express your gratitude by writing a thank you note.

Even if you haven’t given your boss a gift and they do, it’s crucial to have a calm demeanor. Giving gifts is supposed to be enjoyable. 

Even if it’s just a simple emotional handwritten note of appreciation, the holiday season is always a fantastic time to give someone you care about something nice. It’s never out of season to express gratitude.

If you receive a gift and don’t know what to do with it, another option is to play the modest card and confess that you weren’t sure if you were authorized to get your boss a gift. Then there’s the lack of understanding of the right protocol. 

But I’d also bring them something you made as a gift, something more personal or demonstrating your concern.

3. ‘What would be an appropriate present for a coworker?’

Food, coffee, candles, and gift cards are all acceptable alternatives for coworker gifts, as are products that correspond to your colleague’s hobbies or interests. The most important thing to remember is that presents that are appropriate for family or friends may not be appropriate for work. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from anything that is intended to be worn on the body (like perfume, lotion, and clothes, all of which are overly intimate for co-workers).

The price range varies depending on the office, but most individuals keep coworker gifts in the $10 to $25 range.

4. Is it possible to give your boss a gift card?

Never give cash as a gift unless your organization is giving bonuses to your staff. Giving your boss a gift card is okay, but think about it first—don’t give your boss a gift card to a coffee shop if they don’t drink coffee.

5. What can I do to show my appreciation for my boss on Boss’s Day?

On Boss’s Day, many people present a gift to their boss to demonstrate their appreciation for the work he or she has done for them over the year. Flowers or a letter are examples of gifts that are social, sentimental, personal, and affordable.

6. On Boss’s Day, what should I get my boss?

Because everyone is different in terms of what they enjoy or need as a gift for that important day, the ideal answer is whatever your employer would like to receive! It’s usually best to ask your boss about something you believe he or she could like rather than thinking outside the box and having to swap gifts to figure out what your boss wants and needs!

7. How do you express your gratitude to your boss?

Collaborate with your coworkers on a simple present to show your employer how much you appreciate him. Flowers and a message, a beautiful coffee mug, or a gift certificate to your boss’s favorite restaurant are just a few suggestions. This gesture will make your boss’s day and show them that you appreciate all of their hard work.

8. How do you show your appreciation for your boss?

Here are some fantastic thank you notes to send to the best employer you’ve ever had.

  • Thank you for being the most wonderful boss I’ve ever had.
  • Working for you takes the sting off of the job.
  • You’re the best boss I’ve ever had! 
  • Thank you for being such a great supervisor! 
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to work for you.
  • Have I recently told you that you are the best? 
  • It’s great to have you as my employer.

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