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Unique and Interesting Gifts for Women Who Have Everything

Gifts for Women

You know this already, but it needs to be said: you don’t really need a special occasion to get a gift for the woman in your life.

But you may want to take a look at this list of gift ideas just in case her birthday or a major anniversary comes up, and you want to spoil her a little. 

You can still draw a blank trying to think of a special gift to offer that she hasn’t already got, whether you’re her coworker, special someone. 

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So, it’s going to be all right! We have rounded up a bunch of extremely cute and interesting gifts that she would love to unwrap-trust, including jewelry, diffusers, and, yes, AirPods. 

Thanks to our team, finding a chic, trendy, or high-tech gift for every woman you meet is easier than ever before. It doesn’t matter who you’re shopping for.

You’re going to find something customized just for them, your mom, your wife, your girlfriend, a coworker, a roommate, or the teacher of the children. 

For all the special women that you meet, we have curated thoughtful gift lists packed with tons of ideas. 

If she’s a wine-lover (and now and then who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine?), you will find fun glasses of wine and accessories to get the most out of any bottle. 

Give her a Fujifilm Instax Mini camera, if she’s into photography, for an old-school one-step selfie approach.

For a woman who wants to stay hydrated, you will find eco-friendly water bottles and trendy beauty gifts for any style in a lot of color choices. 

Fashion-forward animal prints for the trendy woman will make her look her best, and for her self-care routine, comfortable robes and spa day essentials are great. 

Try a letter board with a personalized message if you’re looking for home decor that is totally giftable and cool.

So, you can find something for every woman with every form of wish list that’s as cool and enjoyable as it’s all in the same place.

If you want a big gift to make a statement or just a little something that shows you appreciate everything she does, you can explore creative ideas to find something perfect at a great price for the woman on your list. 

Here are 5 of the best gifts for women. For a special occasion, pick one out to send her or to surprise her just because you know she deserves it. 


1. THE HOMEMAKER: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser
2. SLEEPING BEAUTY: Slip Silk Sleep Mask 

4. MUSIC LOVER: Bluetooth Shower Speaker

5. WINE CONNOISSEUR: Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
1. THE HOMEMAKER : Vitruvi Stone Diffuser


  • Hand crafted ceramic diffuser inspired by intentional living and creative spaces 

  • Use in your bedroom, bathroom, office, front entrance or living room 

  • 7 hour interval / 3 hour continuous settings

  • No Heat – using ultrasonic vibrations 

  • Easy to Clean

It’s one of the trendiest diffusers we’ve tried with a porcelain shell in a few other neutral colors that features a clear stream of mist and is easy to use. It’s one of the few diffusers we’ve checked with a completely subtle light indicator (positioned on the back of the unit), making it the perfect option if you want it to operate in a dark space when you’re asleep. This elegant piece could make an excellent gift. 


✔No heat. Instead, ultrasonic vibrations create a fine aromatic mist

✔Automatic shut-off

✔The light functions separately from the diffuser

✔The porcelain is high-quality and has a solid feel to it

✔Very quiet operation

✔The diffuser is easy to clean and maintain

✔The mist is not overpowering


❌Porcelain surface can scratch, mark, or break easily

2. SLEEPING BEAUTY : Slip Silk Sleep Mask 


  • Slipsilk sleep masks absorb less and are designed to be gentle on delicate facial skin 

  • Slipsilk was shown to absorb significantly less face cream than cotton 

  • Anti sleep crease

  • Made to our exact standards, Slipsilk has been developed and refined for over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability

She’s going to enjoy the way long fiber mulberry silk feels on the delicate skin around her eyes. It feels far much better than cotton or polyester. The density of Silk is calculated in “momme”-think of it as thread count-and Slip guarantees a weight of 22 momme, making it very high quality. We were also super impressed by how well the strap, even with tossing and turning, held the mask on during the night. Research suggests that people who keep their rooms dark get better sleep, and could also be happier people overall. For the woman in your life, that’s excellent news. 


✔Luxurious silk feels great on your skin


✔Looks elegant for travel

✔Won’t smudge eye makeup


❌Not the cheapest 

3. THE FITSPIRATION : Bala Bangles


  • Add a constant but comfortable resistance to your workout

  • For yoga, running, aerobics, Pilates, walking, traveling, home workouts, core training, and running late for brunch

  • Bala Bangles are made of the highest quality fitness materials and come in a range of colors

  • Wear them on your wrist. Wear them on your ankles. For men, women, and children

  • Traditional dumbbells build strength but limit your range of motion

Obviously, the lightweight portable fitness sidekicks are meant to add a little more resistance to your lunges, squats, pushups, power walks, and practically every form of exercise that you choose to make a little more difficult. Although there might have been ankle and wrist weights since forever, they certainly never looked this chic. Thanks to the creation of the trendy Bala Bangles (which she could wear as a normal accessory, whether she is working out or just trying to spice up a daytime look, apart from her fitness-focused purpose), they no longer have to be awkward or, well, downright hideous to reap the benefits. 


✔Excellent for Yoga Practitioners

✔Great alternative to dumbbells

✔Good in providing extra resistance


❌Long Wait –always out if stock 

4. MUSIC LOVER : Bluetooth Shower Speaker


  • 100% waterproof 

  • Loud HD sound & powerful battery

  • Easy to carry & super suction 

  • Compatible with all bluetooth device  

  • Bluetooth v4.2 & hands-free call 

A good overview of what the VicTsing SoundHot C6 speaker delivers is a solid design and excellent sound quality. She can carry it in the shower, camping, hiking, everywhere she goes, it wouldn’t feel bulky or heavy to bring around! ethe VicTsing shower speaker is definitely worth every buck. This little speaker has it all: portable yet strong sound, hook and suction cup to attach anywhere, sturdy build, decent battery life, built-in radio, good connectivity with Bluetooth, moderate price… Aside from that, you can buy it with your eyes closed! 


✔Very small compact speaker

✔Waterproof with a shower mount

✔Good sound quality for the size and price

✔Several color options


❌Doesn’t come in a bigger, louder version 


  • Available now in exciting new colors 

  • Triple-insulated stainless steel 

  • Ergonomic flat sides; non-slip, silicone bottom

  • Spill-resistant lid 

Is she a wine drinker? Maybe she likes enjoying a glass or two every now and then? If so, she’s going to enjoy the Corkcicle Triple-Insulated Stemless Wine Glass! At any time of the day, it’ll keep her wine cold and absolutely spill proof!  This stainless-steel wine tumbler is perfect for wine as well as other drinks. The smooth sides, non-slip and silicone bottom are ergonomic. You can choose this tumbler in 18 colors and also enjoy the spill-resistant lid outdoors or indoors. It is also triple insulated and she can enjoy it at home, with other people, at the beach, or even at a party! 


✔Ergonomic flat sides

✔Non-slip and silicone bottom

✔Has a spill-resistant lid

✔Available in 18 colors


❌The glasses are not dishwasher-friendly 


What is the best gift for women? 

For women, the best gift to give is something that is both thoughtful and beneficial. Anything that symbolizes your bond to her. A gift that she would never think of buying for herself, but that would be useful and unforgettable at the same time. 

What can I get women who have everything? 

The best gift for women who already have everything and for whom money is no problem is tough to find. Think about experiences and items that they wouldn’t buy for themselves. 

What are good small gifts for women? 

Perfumes, accessories such as bathrobes, socks, slippers, and also small tech gadgets such as headsets or wireless speakers are the perfect small gifts for women. 

What should I get women on their birthday or any occasion? 

In order to find the best gift for women, think about your budget first.  Are you searching for a gift that’s under $100? Is there a way for you to stretch your budget a bit higher? What would she need that will make a difference in her everyday life and remind her of you every time she uses it? Take a look at our list of best gifts for women to get an idea. 

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