Creative and Unique National Boss Day Gifts For Your Awesome Bosses

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Creative and Unique Gifts for National Boss Day For Your Awesome Bosses

From flowers to food to bespoke emojis to coupon books, here are some boss present ideas that will get you a mug that says “world’s best employee.”

Creative and Unique National Boss Day Gifts

Emojis That You Create Yourself

Making a bespoke emoji for your team leader is one of the most creative Boss Day present ideas. Because your virtual leader is likely to spend a large amount of time on Slack or other platforms, this gift suggestion is extremely beneficial.

 You can either use a picture or a lifelike illustration to emojiify your boss, or you can create an emoji of your boss’s favorite animal, movie, food, or other choice.

You can use the desktop version of Slack to post your emoticon. To make your emoji, save the image you want to use in JPG, GIF, or PNG format first. Small, square photos work best, but because Slack will resize the image, the file does not need to be exactly at scale.

After that, go to Slack’s emoji menu, click the “Add Emoji” button in the bottom left corner, upload your file, and save it. Check out Slack’s tutorial on adding custom emojis for detailed, step-by-step instructions.


Flowers are a traditional method to recognize accomplishments and commemorate special anniversaries, and National Boss’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to place an order.

Many people think of flowers as a Boss’s Day present for her, but many guys enjoy gardening and would appreciate a bloom or two as well. You can either order a bouquet or go to a local garden center and pick up a live plant.

Succulents, such as the Lula’s Garden assortments make excellent gifts, especially for remote bosses. If your boss doesn’t have a green thumb, you may always send a delectable Edible Arrangement instead.

Check out our article on National Boss’s Day Flower-themed Gifts For The Lady In Charge for more gift ideas. 

Writing a Blog

This gift is ideal for firms who already have an internal blog, but it may also be used as a single post. Gather your team and ask each person to write a paragraph or two about your boss for your entry. You can use prompts to get the procedure started.

Prompts for a Boss’s Day blog post:

  • When was the last time your employer went out of his way to assist you?
  • What attributes do you admire the most in your boss?
  • What did you take away from your boss?
  • What do you wish to express gratitude to your supervisor for?
  • What is one thing you’ve always wanted to tell your supervisor but haven’t had the opportunity?
  • What would you respond if a stranger phoned you and asked you to provide a reference for your boss?
  • Assume you’re preparing a speech for your boss’s retirement celebration. So, what are your thoughts?

After each team member has submitted their contributions, combine them into one cohesive piece of writing. To make the entry more visually appealing, you can include quotes and photographs.

Because blog postings allow you to scream all of your leader’s praises without having to cram your handwriting into the corner of a card, they are fantastic free Boss’s Day gifts.

The Best Boss Mug in the World

Even though his antics do not garner him any votes for manager of the month on “The Office,” main character Michael Scott totes a “World’s Best Boss Mug.”

Your boss is most likely a far better leader than this character, but if he or she has a sense of humor or is a great fan of the program, a World’s Best Boss Mug is the ideal gift.

CafePress and Spencers and a multitude of other retailers sell the infamous mug. If you are concerned that your boss may not understand or appreciate the joke, consider purchasing a different mug. A cup offers a useful yet personalizable present for managers who live on coffee.

Adding a mug warmer, coasters, premium coffee or cocoa, nibbles like cookies or Stroopwafels, or a Starbucks gift card to the present adds pizazz.

Gift Baskets for Bosses’ Day

Gift baskets are a popular choice for National Boss Day. Vendors such as Amazon, Cookies by Design, and Etsy have a variety of great prepared basket options. You and your team can also create a unique gift box from the ground up. Each teammate might either donate an item or make a monetary contribution to the present.

Ideas for Boss Day gift baskets include:

  • A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant or coffee shop is a great idea
  • Leadership books or team-building books
  • Mug for travel
  • Snacks such as chocolate, cookies, chips, or other treats
  • A team photo in a frame
  • Sign that says “Do not disturb.”
  • Pens of superior quality and attractive stationery
  • Charge with a wireless charger or a charging cord that is extremely long
  • Socks that are warm and comfortable

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Gift sets include a variety of delights, so your boss is sure to enjoy at least one or two of them. As a result, gift baskets are an excellent choice for newer bosses whom you may not know well.

A Take-Out Meal

Because there is always a restaurant open and everyone needs to eat, meals are one of the finest last-minute Boss’s Day gifts.

Lunches are the obvious choice, but if your boss has plans for lunch or is too busy to take a break, you can either schedule lunch for another day or choose an other meal such as breakfast, supper, or a snack. 

A bagel buffet for your boss is a lovely way to start the day, and a traditional cake or a taco truck is a nice afternoon pick-me-up.

You can still eat a team dinner with your leader if you operate on a remote team. Simply email your boss a credit for a delivery service like Postmates, DoorDash, or GrubHub, and then get on a video call with him to speak while he enjoys the surprise.

A Day at the Beach

Because experiences are more significant and enjoyable than material items, treating your boss to a day of amusement and leisure can make a bigger impression than any present you can wrap in a bow.

Suggestions for a memorable Boss’s Day:

  • A manicure, a spa day, or a salon appointment
  • A trip to a local brewery, winery, or distillery is a must
  • Whether it’s a museum tour or a city tour, there’s something for everyone
  • Go-kart racing or laser tag
  • A culinary class, an art tutorial, or a woodworking session are examples of lessons
  • Date night for the boss and his partner, plus a babysitter if the boss has children
  • Whether it’s a round of golf, batting practice, or axe-throwing, there’s something for everyone.

You can either purchase a gift certificate for your leader or pay for the service in advance. Include a selfie stick with the gift as a fun touch to encourage your employer to take pictures while enjoying the gift and share them with the team later.

Coupon Books

Coupon books are a simple and low-cost Boss Day present. This is a present that you and your team can rapidly put together. Every team member will provide one service that can be used at any moment.

For example, here are some coupon possibilities (“Exchange this voucher for…”):

  • One amusing remark
  • Language instruction for ten minutes
  • I’m going to share one of my snack stashes with you
  • One word of praise
  • Silence
  • Congratulations
  • Favor for five minutes

As part of the offer, your coworkers can list abilities or interests. A craft beer connoisseur, for example, would prescribe an IPA, or an organizing specialist might reconfigure your manager’s desk space.

After you’ve collected each team member’s submissions, use a program like Canva to put your promises into a beautiful book. Make sure each employee’s name is listed next to the offer!

Final Thoughts

For all employees, including supervisors, recognition is a key aspect in employee engagement.

Leaders devote time and energy to supporting and coaching their people, and expressing gratitude for their efforts can increase a manager’s drive and morale.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your plans for Bosses Day?

You and your coworkers should, at the very least, sign a card for the boss. You and your coworkers can also collaborate on a gift, or if you plan ahead of time, you can make a DIY Boss’s Day gift.

Throwing a game or food-themed party is a fun and exciting way to spend a morning or afternoon, as well as an opportunity for team building.

2. What are some ideas for good Boss’s Day gifts?

Personal and meaningful presents from the entire staff make the greatest National Boss Day gifts. Many gifts are likewise inexpensive, but they demonstrate thought and effort. Coupon booklets, personalized emojis, gift baskets, and a blog post are all good Boss’s Day gifts.

3.  Can I give my boss something funny for National Boss’s Day?

Some bosses might not appreciate a funny gift for National Boss’s Day, so this is certainly something you want to gauge before giving it. If you think your boss would get a kick out of it, then by all means go ahead and give them a gag gift.

4.  What gifts would I like to buy for my boss?

You may prefer to give your boss flowers or even chocolates! They are more personal than just giving them a greeting card and they usually don’t cost much either! It is easy to find the perfect gift for your favorite boss by doing a little research online.

You can find what kind of flowers that they like as well as their favorite color and feeling in this article

5.  Do I need anything special for National Boss’s Day?

It is not required to dress up for National Boss’s Day. Some people decide to wear business casual attire.

Other people wear their best suit or a new set of clothes they just bought. It is usually the boss’ choice to dress up for this special day because it is a day of honoring their hard work and dedication.

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