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Top Spooky Halloween Gifts
For Adults That Will Give Them A Scare

Halloween is a fun, spooky holiday that is for adults as well as kids! Here are some great spooky Halloween gifts you can give to your favorite adult who enjoys celebrating Halloween.

Whether you’re an adult who spends most of your time with your kids or you’re naturally a kid at heart, Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages.

It’s also the perfect time of year to show off your love for that individual you care about with gifts! 

Give them gifts so they can dress up their pet in a Halloween costume or even a fun new accessory! Your favorite adult will love you for this!

Give them a pumpkin so they can decorate it however they want and make it uniquely theirs. 

Whether it’s buying them something they could use or something they’ll love that will make their heart warm, these are some great ideas for good gifts to give for Halloween!

If these gifts are too scary for the faint heart, these funny and cute gift ideas may help them find just what they were looking for this Halloween! 

Spooky Halloween Gifts and Party Favors to Get Everyone in the Spooky Spirit

Halloween is the perfect time to show you care. Your friends will be impressed by your effort to find them a mysterious and scary gift, and they’ll be even more excited when they see what you got for them!

Browse our top Halloween gifts for adults and find out what can make your friend or family member happy!

Halloween Candles

halloween gifts

Halloween candles are great for any party, not just on Halloween. You can use the candles to give as a Halloween party gift or as a prize in a Halloween costume contest

Halloween-colored votive candles are a good party favor for adults because they’re festive, and they can be personalized with the event name/date and Halloween embellishments.

Candles are an excellent gift for many occasions, as long as your friends are wearing Halloween costumes. They deserve this Halloween party favor.

Make sure to choose Halloween-themed colors such as orange or black. If you like non-traditional Halloween fragrances that conjure up images of genuine terror or tension, this is the gift for you!


???? Fragrance: Our resident witch has stewed up a tantalizing mix of patchouli, sandalwood, and arsenic that will put a spell on you and your guests on Halloween night!

???? Size: 3 wick candle in large 14-ounce tumbler / clean burning candle / no soot / no tunneling / guaranteed to burn for at least 45 hours. Measures 3.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide and includes a decorative black metal lid.

???? Style: The gorgeous label on this highly scented candle is printed with eye-catching metallic ink making it the perfect addition to any witch decor; the beautiful aesthetic will quickly become one of your favorite hocus pocus decorations for home and Halloween decor. 

???? Our soy wax provides a smooth and slow burn to release the most fragrance oil into the air so your candle lasts longer and smells stronger than any retail brands you will find in a mall.


Witches Stew is a scary, woodsy fragrance that transports you to the outdoors. Possibly, we do not believe that this candle will appeal to everyone, but wow, it is really unique. This candle has a powerful patchouli scent with a woodsy undertone, and it is topped with a zesty citrus scent, anise, and a mossy sensation, according to us. Consider the experience of cutting a lime or lemon open in a rainforest. That was the overall feeling we experienced from this candle. Again, although it may not be for everyone, the nice earthy fragrance is actually quite addicting.


“After reading the reviews I was reluctant to order but decided to give it a try. First time ordering a candle online. Halloween is our favorite time of year so I chose Witches' Stew.

It arrived in 2 days (thanks Prime), sealed in a cardboard container with more than enough packaging, all in one piece.

The smell is a perfect blend of smooth sandalwood, spicy patchouli, and fresh eucalyptus with a hint of red rose. Not overpowering, just right. My mom happened to be visiting when the package arrived. She has a very sensitive nose yet she loved it so much I’m now ordering her one.”

“Previous reviews said this didn't smell good, but I disagree. I love the scent. It has the old clove scent and I can't get enough of it. It is very strong too and has my entire house smelling great. Thanks!!”

“Absolutely love the scent of this candle.”


✅Slow burn lasts longer than regular candles

✅Unique Halloween themed scent

✅Large size


❌ Scent might not be for everyone

Halloween Leis 

Halloween leis for your guests to wear during your Halloween party, and they can take home after. Halloween leis make a good party favor for adults on Halloween because they are easy to make.

They also don’t cost much and would be an excellent, inexpensive way of showing your appreciation.

Halloween leis are a good idea because they provide the guests with an inexpensive party favor and a memento of the event. 

Here is an easy way to make your own Halloween Leis:

  • Buy a sturdy string of orange yarn at your local craft store, or cut off some old sweaters or pairs of pants that are on their last leg. The color doesn’t matter, but there’s something oddly satisfying about making these slippers orange.
  • Cut two six-inch pieces from one end of the yarn and thread them onto tiny needles (you can use crochet hooks if you like)
  • Make tiny loops with one piece four inches from the other in a cross pattern, then tie each into a knot.

Bring the sun, sand, and sea to your Halloween party with these spooky luau staples.


???? The package includes 1 necklace, 1 headband, and 2 bracelets.

???? Hawaiian Leis are perfect for luau parties, party favors, baby showers, birthdays, or Hawaiian or tropical-themed events.

???? Silk ruffle petal flower leis, soft materials so you can wear your Hawaiian neckpiece all night long.


Is there anything you would like to do for the Halloween party with the other witches and ghouls this year that is unique and unusual? Well.. you have come to the right place! These eerie Halloween-themed leis are the perfect complement to your next Halloween Hawaiian luau. These will make your guests feel like they’re on a spooky holiday.


“Loved these and got many many compliments"


✅Full set: necklace, headband and bracelet

✅Can be used as costume accessories, party favors and decorations


❌Quality could be better

Witch Hat

halloween gifts

As such, a witch hat with a pitchfork is appropriate for both adults. For your female guests, please give them a witch hat, and for your male guests, provide them with a pitchfork to play with during the party and they can take it home after.

The witch hat and pitchfork are a good party favor because they will give guests a playful yet spooky feel throughout the evening. 

Adults will love this Halloween party favor because of its uniqueness. They might even consider doing the same at their Halloween party next year. 

If you and the coven are constantly getting into mischief, these tall witch’s hats will guarantee that everyone at your next Halloween party knows the depth of your wicked magical ability!


???? Wide range of usages: Can be applied to various occasions, such as Halloween parties, fancy dress parties, carnivals, cosplay decorations, and so on.

???? Interesting design: Convenient to wear, can add festival atmosphere and bring fun to your party, make you more attractive and catch other people's eyes at the party.

???? Measurement: Its height is approx. 32.5 cm/ 12.79 inches, outer diameter is 38 cm/ 13.8 inches, suitable for most people and lightweight, you can take them with you

???? Material: it is made of Oxford fabric, comfortable and soft to wear, not easy to break and you can keep it for a long time.


For your next Halloween Party or Trick or Treating with relatives and friends, this adult-sized witch hat will be the absolute perfect headpiece accessory to complete your spooky look. A sturdy hat that seems to be able to hold its own in any wizarding battle.

These will allow you and your coven of witches to show the world how fierce your coven is. You may also use it to decorate around the fireplace, coffee table, or any other area that needs a touch of a gothic vibe.


“I hung these outside with fishing line by their points to give the effect of floating hats. Very good quality, withstood the rain and wind. I would recommend them as a fun addition to your Halloween display.”

“These were a great value and worked perfectly for my faux levitated witchy decor. I attached fishing line to safety pins and pinned the top of the hats and hung them to outdoor command hooks. The candles have a remote control and are super spooky at night! Turned out great!”

“These hats were used to decorate my tree in front of my house. I attached fishing wire to the hats and tied them in the tree. They held out through wind and rain! They are good to use for next year too! People liked them because it looked like they were floating magically!”


✅Pack of 8

✅Great as party decorations or favors



❌Might be better as decorations than as part of a costume

Halloween Drink Cozy

A Halloween drink cozy is a great party favor that can be given to adults for Halloween. The recipients will be thrilled to receive such a fun Halloween gift.

Adults love personalized gifts, so they’ll have an item that’s theirs and just for them! 

To make the gift even more unique, you could include a card with a Halloween message inside it like “Happy Haunting.”

This Halloween, let everyone know you take your boo’s seriously with these spooky coolies!

BEST HALLOWEEN DRINK COZY: Halloween Drink Coolies by This Wear


???? Holds 12 oz cans or 12-16 oz bottles.

???? Folds flat for easy storage. Machine washable.

???? Neoprene material allows beverages to stay cool.


These quirky Halloween coolies are the perfect way to celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year! Perfect for use at Halloween parties, as Halloween gifts, and for other occasions as well. These are standard-sized koozies that are good enough to hold most beverages up to 16-ounce cans. Make sure you have enough of these creepy babies to satisfy all of your Halloween-loving party monsters!


“So cute. Gave these to my girlfriend and her roommates when I went to visit her for Halloween and everyone loved them! Great touch to one of my favorite holidays!”

“These cozys are as advertised. Very cool and funny. I love them.”

“These are really cute. A big hit at the "witches tea". Thanks”


✅Pack of 6

✅Fun Halloween Design

✅Great as a party gift or favor


❌More designs would be better

Pumpkin Carving Kit

halloween gifts

Many people love to carve pumpkins, and the best part is that you can use them for many different things. The small pumpkin carving kit includes a little knife so you can carefully cut your pumpkin open. 

If you like to bring other things like candles or flowers to decorate your pumpkin, they fit nicely into this kit too! This is a great Halloween party favor for adults because they’re interactive and fun to do.

Does your friend take their pumpkin carving skills seriously? This Halloween, guarantee them first place at the pumpkin carving contest with this gift!


???? All-in-one Professional Pumpkin Caving Tool Set: The complete toolkit includes ( 1 × pumpkin scooper, 1 × large saw, 1 × pumpkin drill, 1 × arc etching tool, 1 × v-shape carving tool, 8 x double-sided stainless sculpting detail tools, 2× led battery-powered lights and 10 × bonus paper stencils). It includes everything adults and kids need to get started on carving your own pumpkin masterpiece.

???? Perfect for adults and kids. 30-piece set provides enough tools so everyone in the family can join in for creating jack-o-lanterns. 

???? Wide range of applications: These carving tools are not only used for carving Halloween pumpkins but also suitable for clay, pottery and so on.


This Vemake Professional Pumpkin Carving Kit is well worth the money if you're searching for a high-quality, heavy-duty pumpkin carving kit that you'll use year after year. While many other sets include tools with plastic handles and lightweight metal blades, this set has the best tools and accessories we've seen. All of the items in this set are constructed of stainless steel and have large, ergonomically designed hardwood handles. If you know how to care for these tools and keep them in good shape, you will be able to use them for many more spooky holidays to come.


“We've always just used a kitchen knife, but decided to try something more. Boy, are we glad we did. The huge assortment of tools in this pack means we will be able to explore all those fancy designs on decorating shows. Scrapers, cutters, shapers, and patterns all give us unlimited potential. And the carry bag means nothing gets lost from year to year. Definitely a worthy purchase."

“These helped majorly with my pumpkin carvings this year. Very sturdy, like a great steak knife! Very well planned out variety that I was looking for.”

“This is a really nice pumpkin carving set. It’s got pretty much everything you’d need. It’s made of quality stainless steel and a pumpkin easily. We had so much fun carving our first pumpkin with two kids! Definitely recommend!”


✅ Complete set

✅ Includes stencils to make designing easier

✅ Different tools make it easier to carve out and design pumpkins


❌ Could have a better case.

Unique & Handmade Halloween Decor

Creepy decor that is thoughtful enough for any family, regardless of where they live.

Halloween is a time of year when adults get to be children again, which means they get candy as well! As the official holiday for terrifying Halloween costumes, pumpkins, and tricks or treats, Halloween is also a great excuse to have some fun with or without kids.

It’s time to give some thought to what you should buy for your favorite adult who was probably planning on going out all night on the town.

Here is the decor you should consider giving them or displaying at your home!

Dripping Candle

halloween gifts

A dripping candle is a great Halloween decoration because it represents a haunting. You can use red candles, black candles, or any color you choose to represent the mood that you want in your haunted house.

Light some drip candles, let them work their magic, and arrange them around the house for this one. If you display them in spooky, black-painted wine bottles, you’ll get bonus points for major fright-night thrills.

Topiary Pumpkins

It would be a great decoration for Halloween because the design is already completed, and it looks great. A good idea is to put the jack-o-lantern face on one side and a witch or spider on the other.

Place some fake spider webs around it, and you’ve got a great decoration that will give everyone a scare. Another option for you to try is to place it outside where the wind will blow the leaves, making it look like this pumpkin is moving!

You can even make a pumpkin topiary with painted plastic pumpkins, a barrel-inspired planter, lights, and hay for a wickedly good welcome—or just some show-stopping outdoor Halloween decor.

Display a Halloween-themed Bouquet

halloween gifts

The Halloween-themed bouquet is a good Halloween decoration because it represents a simple way to make something spooky and fun in one decoration. It goes well with many other embellishments for Halloween, such as pumpkins, spiderwebs, black lights, and more!

Bring the on-screen horror to life with some scary decor if you’re hosting a scary movie night. For the table, an on-theme bouquet surrounded by pumpkins and a skull decanter will suffice, as will some flying paper bats for the walls. 

LED Hanging Web

The LED hanging web is a good Halloween decoration because it doesn’t use too much electricity and is reusable. What makes this hanging web scary is that the spiders have glowing red eyes!

Create a giant light-up spider web in your yard using LED strip lights to channel your inner Spidey sense. You can buy these lights online or at a Halloween party store. This type of Halloween decor can literally brighten up your home. 

Paint Your Own Pumpkin

halloween gifts

Painting your own pumpkin might be a good Halloween decor because it’s a tradition in the USA. Many cultures across the world follow this tradition by creating unique design on their jack-o- lanterns and bringing them out for a holiday. 

It’s said to be good luck for homes with jack-o-lanterns, as they’re supposed to ward off unwanted spirits and protect against evil while imparting light into one’s household.

Instead of the traditional warm orange-y fall palette, use pinks, peaches, and burgundies in your centerpiece. Then, using a neutral color, paint your pumpkins! (Fake pumpkins can also be used.)

Googly Eyes Chocolates

It’s a creative and fun way to decorate for Halloween. It gives people a novel experience that makes trick-or-treating exciting and fun.

You can fill a small black bowl that resembles a mini cauldron with edible “eyeballs,” aka chocolates wrapped in bloodshot-eye-designed foil. If those aren’t available, you can glue googly eyes to candy wrappers.

Black & White Pumpkin Display

Halloween is always a fun time of year, whether you have kids or not. However, if you do have kids, two things can make the holiday even better: dressing up in a costume and carving pumpkins. 

Make a mini Halloween-themed spooky sign to put in a pot of plants, then line the steps on your front porch with pumpkins.

Make sure to paint them in black or white to give them a spooky feel and also to make them look different this year.

Create a Chalkboard Fireplace

Halloween is the best holiday to have a chalkboard fireplace. It gives an eerie and mysterious feel as you can’t see through it, making it perfect for a horror movie! You can engrave a special message or quote on the blackboard itself. 

You can use chalkboard paint to cover the interior of her decorative marble fireplace. She then drew a cute Halloween scene to serve as a backdrop.

Make Creepy Cakes

halloween gifts

There are many spooky, scary, and creepy activities that can be completed on Halloween, such as going to haunted houses or watching horror films.

These might be fun for some people, but not everyone enjoys them. One way to get involved in the spookiness of Halloween that is suitable for people who don’t want to participate in the other activities is by baking Halloween-themed cakes.

Allow the dessert to speak for itself. You can use a Halloween-themed server to serve your goodies while the cakes double as Halloween decor. 

Zombie Throw Pillow

The average person, who may not know why creating a zombie throw pillow is good Halloween decor, would be surprised to learn that they are a fantastic addition to your decorating scheme. 

A zombie throw pillow can be used as a fun accent in all sorts of settings most particularly on Halloween. The great thing about them is that they make excellent Halloween props.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about Halloween is that there are so many fun activities to do. Whether hosting a party or going out for the night, it can be challenging to find creative and unique decorations and Halloween costumes for adults

With a little imagination and research, the choices are endless. This article has everything you need from gift-giving to decorating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can we do for Halloween party favors?

You can buy some of the candies or other Halloween-themed food items to include in the Halloween party favors. You can even personalize your party favor bags to make it extra special for your recipients.

You may also want to go ahead and have some stickers, tattoos, temporary tattoos, or bracelets on hand to give out as party favors.

2. What are some decorations that we could do for an adult’s Halloween Party?

You may want to purchase a few orange candles and place them on the ground leading inside the party. You can even decorate your door with hand prints using chalk.

A few outdoor or indoor plants in orange will be a great decoration you can use for the door porch. A few pumpkins on the porch or porch railings will also be a great decoration you can use as well.   

3. What are some Halloween decorations?

Scarecrows, cornhusks, fall leaves, dried wheat, pumpkins, other gourds, and many other fall-themed decor are frequently used to add a colorful and appropriate autumnal decor touch to fall and Halloween’s decorating. In today’s market, there is a wide variety of Halloween decorations to choose from.

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