Christmas gift ideas for him

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Him
That Will Blow His Mind!

The best Christmas gift ideas for him would depend on what kind of guy you are shopping for. If you’re planning on giving a Christmas gift to your friend or brother – then you might want to look into what their interests or hobbies are. 

A man will love and appreciate plenty of things, from shaving kits to a pair of sneakers. You need to know what he’s down for.

Whether he’s laid back and chill or someone who is always on the go, there’s always the right kind of gift for him this Christmas!

The holidays aren’t the same without your partner or friend by your side, and well, the only certain thing about this Christmas at this point is that no one knows what to get.

Getting the perfect Christmas gift for him this year is easier said than done. 

These gift ideas may help find the right Christmas gift that is the right kind of special:

Everyone can agree that what’s perfect for one guy isn’t necessarily the best for the other. But that’s why we’re here!

We’ve put together a list of awesome Christmas gift ideas for him that will make him feel like he’s one lucky guy!

Cool and Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

The guys in your life might be tired of receiving the same old Christmas presents from their relatives or friends. 

Or probably they haven’t seen him in ages and have no idea what he’s into nowadays. Whatever the case, this creative gift guide will give you some unique ideas for what to get as a Christmas gift for him. 

Online Courses

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Online Courses

Is he into a particular hobby that he really loves? Then why not get him an online course on what he enjoys doing, whether it be photography or baking? 

This is a perfect gift idea for any birthday, anniversary, graduation, or Christmas! This lets him know that you care and are very supportive of his interests.

Craftsmanship Courses

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Craftsmanship Courses

If they want to unleash their creativity, they can enroll in a course where they can learn how to make jewelry, knit, and work with wood.

There are online courses that provide you with the necessary tools to complete any project. They can get inspired, and help them improve their skills, whether it’s quilting, cooking, baking, or painting. An ideal Christmas gift for dads who want to learn something new.

Photography Courses 

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Photography Courses 

If your lover has a passion for photography and has wanted to enhance this skill, you might want to enroll him or give him a photography course for Christmas. 

Photography is not about the gear and technology you have that makes a picture stunning and beautiful – it’s the story. With a photography class, he can learn how to develop new and valuable concepts to bring images to life. 

Fine Art Courses

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Fine Art Courses

What will you discover as you gain a better understanding of fine art? Many classes will help you advance your skills by introducing you to new techniques and topics such as figure drawing, watercolor painting, graphite sketching, and gouache landscapes. 

There are tutorials for every skill level, taught by experts and creative professionals, whether you’re looking for an illustration for a beginner’s class or want to take your sculpting skills to the next level. 

They’ll find opportunities to branch out and make their own creative journals and sketchbooks, beautiful artwork for their home, and gifts that say more than anything you could buy in a store as you learn the fundamentals of fine art expression. 

This is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who wants to unleash their love for fine art and creativity. 

Fitness Courses

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Fitness Courses

If your lover is a health and fitness freak, introducing them to a fitness class will make them more focused and reach their fitness goal.

Making their overall physical and mental well-being a priority will help them relax, reduce anxiety, and boost their overall positive energy levels, so they can feel healthy and strong all year!

This is an awesome gift for your boyfriend who misses going to the gym but can’t go because of the ongoing pandemic.

Bartending Courses

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Bartending Courses

A bartending course can help you achieve your goal of becoming a bartender, whether you want to learn how to make a new gin drink, understand the flavors of different tequilas, or learn bartending basics. This makes an awesome gift idea for your husband who maybe wanted to be a bartender back in the day.

Even if you have no experience, the online bartending course will walk you through every step of becoming a bartender that bar owners and managers are looking for. 

A course like this will teach you the skills and knowledge that seasoned bartenders have developed over many years. 

DIY Gifts

With so many of us staying indoors, a lot of people have resorted to DIY’ing all kinds of things from the comfort of their homes. Whether it be booze, a smoker, or upgrades around the house.

Chunky Knit Blanket

Many people find DIY projects to be fun and rewarding. It is a creative hobby and can be rewarding by itself. 

That being said, many people are still trying to find the perfect gift for Christmas. A DIY project can be it! You can make a personalized gift for someone special in your life that they will love.

Chunky knit blankets are everywhere, and rightfully so: they’re soft, rich, and add a powerful sense of comfort to any house. Even if you don’t know how to knit, you can make one with just the yarn, your fingers, and simple directions.

A thick blanket is ideal when you’re watching Christmas movies, but you don’t have to buy one from the store. Instead, this post contains the ideal tutorial for learning how to arm knit a super cozy blanket that you can keep or give as a gift.

Detox Bath in a Jar

Please give them the gift of relaxation, packaged in a jar for easy transport. The ingredients are simple to come by. It’s all about the packaging with this one, so take your time making the tag look nice.

If your special guy likes to indulge themselves with some pampering, this creative gift is a great idea. It will not only leave him fresh and clean, but it will also make him feel all relaxed and rested. 

This is a thoughtful Christmas gift for dads because he will feel appreciated. 

Minibar in a Jar

If you’re looking for a quick and creative gift idea that you can make at home, a minibar in a jar is the DIY gift person for your man. All you need is a large glass jar, 5–7 mini bottles of their favorite drinks, and a label to make it a little special and personal. 

This Christmas DIY idea is perfect for men who like to drink after a long day. 

Diy Terrarium Kit

Terrariums are mostly self-sustaining as fully functioning (albeit tiny) plant ecosystems, with the plants watering themselves through transpiration and condensation.

This can be a creative gift to give for Christmas to anyone.

Terrariums are stunning, and they look great on a desk or shelf. This DIY kit makes a beautiful Christmas gift for your special man because it allows people to make a plant in a jar that they will adore for a long time.

It will undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind and creative gift that they have never received before.

Modern Beanbag Pouf

Here’s a simple way to make them a piece of furniture. There are only six pieces of fabric used in this DIY project, two for the top and bottom and four for each side. 

The insides are then stuffed, and you have a bean bag that can be used as an ottoman, chair or even a coffee table.

This is a thoughtful and practical gift idea for your boyfriend to accessorize his bedroom.

What’s nice about giving him a DIY piece of furniture made by you? He will definitely appreciate this gift every time he sits on it in his room.

Nature Lover Gifts

If he’s someone who is constantly looking for a new plant to add to his growing collection of greenery, then why not get him a lovely and unique plant? 

While they may be hard to find and some are expensive, you know that he’ll appreciate the work you put into finding him a gift that he’s really into. 

String of Succulents

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - BString of Succulents

Take a look at this trio of succulents if you thought all succulents had prickly spines. These plants are extremely low-maintenance, requiring only a light watering every now and then, and as they grow, they will trail gracefully over the sides of their planters while also purifying the air.

A string of succulents collection is a fun, one-of-a-kind collection of succulent plants that trail beautifully over their pots.

A string of Pearls, String of Pickles, and String of Bananas are among them.

These plants are succulents, which means they can withstand droughts because their round leaves store water.

They will thrive if they are exposed to bright light and are watered on a regular basis. You may put this together and create a lovely Christmas gift basket.

Brass Succulent Mister

Watering your plants with unsightly plastic watering can detract from their beauty. A lovely brass mister will provide an even mist of water to your favorite plants, and it’s so pretty that it’ll look great on display. 

A plastic watering can or a pour from your drinking glass will not suffice when feeding your favorite rosettes and seedlings.  

Upgrade to an elegant brass mister that evenly waters plants while complementing their striking beauty.  

The design develops a unique patina over time, lending it a rustic charm and one-of-a-kind elegance. Green thumbs and succulent enthusiasts will love the combination of beautiful home decor and practicality.

This wonderful gardener’s Christmas gift will definitely amaze their home visitors when it comes to functionality and elegance.

BEST BRASS SUCCULENT MISTER: Sustainable Village Brass Plant Mister


????Elegance & function blended flawlessly in these charming brass plated plant misters. Leave it out with your plants to enhance your home décor and remind you to give your plants a spritz every now and then.  

????Enhance plant growth by providing the optimal moisture and humidity for your plants by misting them. Great for tropical plants like African violets, aloe, fuchsia, orchids, and philodendrons.  

????Quick & easy to use to keep your plants clean and healthy  

????The stain-resistant finish will keep your brass misters looking as striking as they did when they first came out of the box. 


When compared to other misters, this stunning brass plant mister will leave a lasting impression! Spritz succulents and orchids, mist hanging plants with fertilizer, or use it for practically any other misting application you can think of with style!

When something is both attractive and useful, you'll find all sorts of reasons to use the mister around your home, and you'll wonder how you ever managed without one!


“I was skeptical about this because of the price. I thought there is no way this can be good and it CAN'T be copper. But I did a little Googling and discovered that this certainly could be real copper because the price of copper is much lower than I expected. So I ordered it and man am I glad I did. This thing looks WAY more expensive than it actually was. It feels really sturdy. The only weak-looking point is the ring used to hold it, but that could easily be soldered back on. Shoot, for 20 bucks I'll buy a new one and repurpose the broken one.

Hot tip: if you do not like the patina (mistaken for rust in some other reviews) that this will eventually get (I can't wait for mine to start!) all you have to do is polish it 😉

Anyway, super-duper recommend this. I ordered several at a similar price point and this one is far superior. Get it and love it the way it should be loved :)”


✅It could also be used as home decor to enhance your home or garden

✅It is quick and easy to use

✅It is stain resistant 

✅It comes in different colors (brass, copper, and silver)


❌It spills a bit, but it still does a great job misting evenly

Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Sunflower Garden Grow Kit

Few flowers are more emblematic of summer than the bright and cheerful sunflower, and they’ll be able to grow their own in their garden with this kit. This kit can come with a recycled egg carton to start the plants and various seeds and peat to grow them in. 

This kit comes with everything you’ll need to start your own sunflower patch, including seeds for six heirloom varieties in a rainbow of colors, shapes, and heights, as well as a recycled egg carton to sprout them in.  

Sunflowers are one of the easiest flowers to grow from seed, and they’re fascinating as a person’s first gardening project because they grow so quickly and reach such heights.

The cheekiest in the garden, sunflowers (not your man) profoundly dominate it. So much power for so little effort!

BEST SUNFLOWER GARDEN GROW KIT: Nature's Blossom Sunflowers Garden Kit


????You can easily grow 3 types of sunflowers from seeds: Giant Grey sunflowers, Autumn Beauty sunflowers & Teddy Bear sunflowers

????A beginner's garden kit with everything you need to get growing: 3 packets of sunflower seeds, 4 compressed potting soil pellets, 4 biodegradable planting pots, 4 plant labels, a spray water mister, and a comprehensive gardening guide with step-by-step instructions. It can be grown indoors or outdoors.  

????Nature's Blossom's sunflower growing kit makes a great gift choice for men or women and a great introduction to the exciting world of home gardening.

????High germination rates: our seeds are non-GMO, chemical-free, and grown in the USA. Each seed goes through multiple tests and we've placed more seeds than you actually need to make sure you will successfully grow multiple plants.


It includes heirloom types of sunflowers in an astounding variety of hues, sizes, and heights (Giant Grey, Autumn Beauty, Teddy Bear), along with biodegradable growth pots to sprout them in. Sunflowers are particularly fascinating among the simplest flowers to raise from seed as any man's first gardening endeavor since they grow so quickly and become so tall fast. The Giant Grey grows 9-12 feet, with gigantic flowers. They're the closest thing we know to cultivate sheer joy.


“My wife loves sunflowers, so when I saw this kit, I couldn't resist. The price is a little steep, that's about my only complaint, though sales help with that. Plants of course take time to grow, so I waited to give this review until I saw some results. After planting them in mid-July, I just yesterday mentioned that some of my wife's plants were getting huge, and when she told me the biggest was the giant sunflowers, I was satisfied with my purchase. The flowers haven't bloomed yet, but the seeds took off easily, started growing quickly, and became beautiful healthy plants rather easily. I'm looking forward to seeing the sunflowers in full bloom, and I would recommend this to anyone starting a garden that loves sunflowers.”


✅It is great for beginners

✅It comes with 3 types of sunflower seeds

✅The seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors

✅It comes with a step-by-step sowing and growing instruction manual

✅Germination rates are high


❌ The spray bottle could be better. It is a plastic bag bottom with a spray nozzle attached

Oyster Mushroom Log Kit

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Oyster Mushroom Log Kit

Mushroom enthusiasts will delight in receiving and cultivating this unique gift. It comes with a log that has been planted with organic oyster mushroom spores, which will produce a plentiful harvest every six weeks for about three years. All they have to do now is keep it hidden. 

Oyster mushrooms’ sweet, mild flavor, and velvety texture make them delicious to eat raw or cooked. They’re also the most forgiving and easiest to grow. All that’s left is to soak your log and store it somewhere damp, cool, and dark.  

Fresh oyster mushroom heaven will be here soon. For up to three years, re-soak and harvest every six weeks or so. For stir-fries, stuffings, salads, and sauces, that’s a lot of mushrooms. Make your favorite mushroom enthusiast, gardener, or mad scientist happy.

Every guy who enjoys gardening should try their hand at growing mushrooms in their own backyard. Creating their own delicious mushrooms at home has never been easier than with the Forest Origins Mushroom Kit!


????We provide you with everything you will need to grow your own organic mushrooms in your own home  

????Learn how to grow your very own gourmet mushrooms in your kitchen  

????Unopened, our mushroom kit lasts for months. This is why it makes it a great gift for family, friend gift, child gift, educational gift, or science gift. You will be gifting them with a wonderful experience  

????All Forest Origins products are all-natural and made in the United States.  

????We guarantee your mushroom farm will grow, or we'll give you a full refund. This is why it makes it a great introduction kit for beginners. 


From the moment he opens the package, he'll have everything he needs to start growing mushrooms right away. 

There are at least two flushes in each bundle, and the pink variety produces more than 3 flushes!

A wonderful arrangement for an even better item! The mushrooms, on the other hand, are very delicious!

Only a little watering is required to ensure that he gets wonderful mushrooms in no time, which he can then use to make soups, pizza, and omelets for the both of you.


“I was amazed by the results. You MUST mist them twice a day and you will have success. I tried to do this as close to every 12 hours as possible. Mine grew within 3 days and every few hours I could honestly see a difference! The Red and Brown ones were the first to bloom. The White was a little slower but I was glad because mushrooms have a week shelf life in the refrigerator and it spaced them out well for me as far as use. After I harvested them, I emailed the company to find out if I could get a second crop. The customer service is EXCELLENT. They emailed me back that day with instructions to attempt this. I followed them and the red ones have lots of small babies growing very quickly. The white and brown are not doing anything yet. But I will be patient and see what happens. These are GREAT sautéed in butter and used on steak and I also make homemade Cream of Mushroom soup with them....FANTASTIC and flavorful. I love these! I do wish they were not so expensive since buying them in Whole Foods is much less, but I have a greenhouse and really like to grow my own things. It's worth it for me.”


✅It has everything you need in one box

✅It is perfect for all ages

✅It is all-natural 

✅They grow and bloom fast


❌You have to keep the humidity high and plenty of fresh air flowing

Wooden Stand for Plant Terrarium

Cool and Unique Christmas Gifts for Him - Wooden Stand for Plant Terrarium

With this stunning Propagation Station, they can take cuttings from all of their favorite plants.

This adorable desktop terrarium has a wooden stand, and two heart-shaped vases – one on each side – that can be used to propagate plants and provide a clear view as the roots begin to take shape.

The hydroponics vase is designed in the shape of a beautiful mini heart, making this vase kit particularly unique and special. You may even present this in a beautiful Christmas gift box.

Plants make ideal and cool gifts for nature lovers and there is also a wide range of plants you can choose from. 

Final Thoughts

It’s just not the same without your partner or friend by your side during the holidays, and at this point, the only certainty about Christmas is that no one knows what to get. 

This year, finding the perfect Christmas gift for him is more complex than ever. But celebrating Christmas is more than the gifts we receive and give. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of gifts do guys prefer?

Clothing, leather goods, and cologne are some of the most common gifts for men, but they’re simple options that men have come to expect from people who haven’t given much thought to gift-giving. 

Most men don’t give much thought to buying clothes or items that aren’t clearly functional.

2. What are some enjoyable courses to enroll in?

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best, easy, and most enjoyable electives.

  • Guitar or piano
  • Improvisation or Acting
  • Psychology 101
  • Graphic Design
  • Physical Education
  • Creative Writing
  • Pottery or Painting

3. I’m not sure what to get a guy for Christmas.

Gifts for Men include:

  • Watches
  • Camping and Hiking Equipment
  • Golf Equipment
  • Gadgets
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Shoes
  • Bluetooth Speakers 
  • Beer Glasses

4. What are some great gifts for boyfriends this holiday season?

A thoughtful gift idea for boyfriends is to give him a surprise message. Put it in their wallet or bag and surprise them with a sweet message. 

You could also use a cute postcard to send a message. You can tell them how much you love them, and you can even give them directions to their surprise gift in the message.

5. What is the definition of a thoughtful gift?

A thoughtful gift shows the recipient that we care about them and want them to feel loved, whether it comes from a list or research into their interests.

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