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Flower-Themed Boss Day Gifts For The Lady In Charge

If you’re wondering what to present your boss for National Boss Day or another special occasion, we’ve got you covered. GiftWonk has a variety of innovative presents for your boss, such as gorgeous arrangements, eye-catching potted plants, and even delectable snacks – all of which can be delivered directly to them on your behalf! 

Check out our fantastic selection of boss-friendly presents; we’re confident you’ll discover something ideal.

Celebrating a Blooming Success: Flower-Themed Boss Day Ideas

Appropriate Gifts for Your Boss

It’s no secret that buying gifts for your boss can be difficult, but there are plenty of totally appropriate and meaningful ways to say “thank you” on National Boss’s Day. Historically, consumables or decoratives have been a safe bet. 

We have lots of both! Surprise your boss with a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers delivered directly to their home! If your boss enjoys snacking, choose our fruit & snack gift basket, which is stocked with tasty nibbles that they may contentedly munch on throughout the day.

Whatever you choose, they will undoubtedly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Flower Themed Gifts 

National Boss’s Day Flower-Themed Gifts For The Lady In Charge

Okay, so a bouquet of ruby-red roses isn’t quite ideal for the office, but there are plenty of other fantastic options. After all, who doesn’t enjoy having a vibrant bouquet add a cheery touch to their house or office?

Try a bright bouquet of irises and lilies, or a simple vase of white orchids. If your boss is less traditional, a bright and colorful arrangement of alstroemeria, lilies, and roses may suffice. 

Your supervisor will be overjoyed to learn how much their staff appreciate them. Furthermore, these gorgeous arrangements let you to send the right message that is completely boss-appropriate.

What Plants Make Excellent National Boss’s Day Presents?

Flowers are always a good choice for National Boss’s Day, but if you believe your boss would prefer something different, we have lots of options. We have a tempting selection of trendy succulents as well as classic and stately office plants that they will adore. 

The greenery will also provide a distinct decorative beauty to your working atmosphere, not only boosting morale but also demonstrating to clients that you care about the details. Allow your National Boss’s Day Gift to demonstrate that you are not only grateful for your boss’s efforts, but also devoted to the company’s success!

Flowers and Their Meanings!

Every year on October 16th, National Boss Day is observed. If the holiday falls on a weekend, it is usually observed on the next working day after October 16th. If you need some inspiration, here are the best flowers to send to your boss:

What does each flower represent? Which flowers symbolize love, hope, healing, grief, and good fortune? Discover the secret language of flowers below while choosing a flower bouquet for your boss, Mother’s Day, a wedding, or creating a garden! 

Symbolic Meanings of Herbs, Flowers and Other Plants

National Boss’s Day Flower-Themed Gifts For The Lady In Charge

Abatina – Fickleness

Acanthus – The fine art, Artifice

Aloe – Affection, also Grief

Amaryllis – Pride

Anemone – Forsaken

Angelica – Inspiration

Apple blossom – Preference

Arborvitae – Unchanging friendship

Aster – Symbol of Love, Daintiness

Bachelor’s button – Single blessedness

Basil – Good wishes

Bay tree – Glory

Begonia – Beware

Belledonna – Silence

Bittersweet – Truth

Black-eyed Susan – Justice

Bluebell – Humility

Borage – Bluntness, Directness

Butterfly weed – Let me go

Camellia, pink – Longing For You

Camellia, red – You’re a Flame in My Heart

Camellia, white – You’re Adorable

Candytuft – Indifference

Carnation – Fascination, Women Love

Red carnation – Alas for my poor heart, my heart aches

White carnation – Innocence, Pure love, Women’s good luck gift

Pink carnation – I’ll never forget you

Striped – Refusal

Yellow carnation – Disdain, Disappointment, Rejection

Chamomile – Patience in adversity

Chives    – Usefulness

Chrysanthemum, red – I love you

Chrysanthemum, yellow – Slighted love

Chrysanthemum, white – Truth

Clematis – Mental beauty

Clematis, evergreen – Poverty

Clover, white – Think of me

Columbine – Foolishness, folly

Columbine, purple – Resolution

Columbine, red – Anxious, Trembling

Coreopsis – Always cheerful

Coriander – Hidden worth/merit

Crab blossom – Ill nature

Crocus, spring – Cheerfulness, Youthful gladness

Cyclamen – Resignation, Diffidence, Goodbye

Daffodil – Regard, Unequalled Love

Dahlia, single – Good taste

Daisy – Innocence, Loyal love, I’ll never tell

Dill – Powerful against evil

Edelweiss – Courage, devotion

Fennel – Flattery

Fern – Magic, Fascination, Secret bonds of love

Forget-me-not – True love memories, Do not forget me

Gardenia – You’re lovely, Secret love

Geranium – Folly, Stupidity

Gladiolus – Flower of the Gladiators, Integrity, Strength, Victory

Goldenrod – Encouragement, Good fortune

Heliotrope  – Eternal love, Devotion

Hibiscus – Delicate beauty

Holly – Defense, Domestic happiness

Hollyhock – Ambition

Honeysuckle – Bonds of love

Hyacinth – Sport, Game, Play

Blue Hyacinth – Constancy

Purple Hyacinth – Sorrow

Yellow Hyacinth – Jealousy

White Hyacinth – Loveliness, Prayers for someone

Hydrangea – Gratitude for being understood; Frigidity and heartlessness

Hyssop – Sacrifice, Cleanliness

Iris – Faith, trust, Wisdom, Hope, Valor

Ivy – Affection, Friendship, Fidelity

Jasmine, white – Sweet love, Amiability

Jasmine, yellow – Grace; Elegance

Lady’s Slipper – Capricious beauty

Larkspur – Open heart, levity, lightness, fickleness (pink or simple varieties)

Lavender – Distrust 

Lemon balm    – Sympathy

Lilac – Joy of youth

Lily (white) – Virgin, Purity, Heavenly

Lily (yellow) – Happy, Gay, Walking on air

Lily (orange) – Hatred 

Lily, calla – Beauty

Lily, day – Chinese emblem for mother

Lily, tiger  – Wealth, Pride 

Lily-of-the-valley – Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary, Humility

Lotus Flower – Purity, Enlightenment, Self-regeneration, and Rebirth

Magnolia – Nobility, Love of nature

Marigold  – Grief, jealousy

Marjoram – Joy and happiness

Mint – Virtue

Morning glory – Affection

Myrtle – Good luck, love in a marriage

Nasturtium – Patriotism, Conquest, Victory in Battle

Oak – Strength

Oregano – Substance

Pansy – Thoughts

Parsley – Festivity

Peony    – Bashful, Happy Life or Shame

Pine – Humility, Piety

Poppy – Consolation

Rhododendron – Danger, beware

Rose, red – Love, I love you

Rose, dark crimson – Mourning

Rose, pink – Happiness

Rose, white – Innocence, Heavenly, I’m worthy of you

Rose, yellow – Jealousy, Decrease of love, Infidelity

Rosemary – Remembrance

Rue – Grace, clear vision

Sage – Wisdom, immortality

Salvia, blue – I think of you

Salvia, red – Forever mine

Savory    Spice  – interest

Snapdrago – Deception, Graciousness

Sorrel – Affection

Southernwood – Constancy, jest

Spearmint – Warmth of sentiment

Speedwell – Feminine fidelity

Sunflower, dwarf – Adoration

Sunflower, tall – Haughtiness

Sweet pea – Blissful pleasures, Good-bye, Thank you for a lovely time

Sweet William – Gallantry

Sweet woodruff – Humility

Tansy – Hostile thoughts, declaring war

Tarragon – Lasting interest

Thyme – Courage, strength

Tulip, red – Passion, declaration of love

Tulip, yellow – Sunshine in your smile

Valerian – Readiness

Violet – Watchfullness, Modesty, Faithfulness

Willow    – Sadness

Yarrow – Everlasting love

Zinnia – Thoughts of absent friends, lasting affection

The whole list of Flower Meanings can be found in the Almanac. 

Giving a gift to a wonderful boss — someone who has a significant impact on how you handle everyday job activities and progress professionally — might be difficult.

Because they are your boss, it is critical that your present be professional while still conveying your appreciation for their efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a suitable gift for a female boss?

Bosses don’t have it easy; they have to make all of the difficult decisions. It is worth noting that good leaders bring out the best in their direct reports. Boss’s Day is a day for employees to express their gratitude and thank their boss. 

Send your employer a card, take him or her out to lunch, or send flowers in a collectible container, such as our Be Happy Mug. These make amusing executive desk decorations, ideal for storing pencils, business cards, and other desk necessities.

You may also check out our article on For National Boss’s Day, Personalize These Gifts For Your Favorite Boss Lady

2. What type of flowers should I buy for my boss?

Try a bright bouquet of irises and lilies, or a simple vase of white orchids. If your boss is less traditional, a bright and colorful arrangement of alstroemeria, lilies, and roses may suffice. Your supervisor will be overjoyed to learn how much their staff appreciate them.

3. What can I have delivered to my boss if we’re working remotely?

Whimsical gift baskets that include mixed chocolates, teddy bears with festive floating balloons, pumpkin floral bouquets (it IS the season after all), and even floating butterfly flower arrangements. From ribbon bouquets to happy face mugs, these cheap Boss Day presents will make any man or female laugh.

4. Is it appropriate to give your boss a gift?

Even on National Boss’s Day, you are not obligated to offer your boss a present, even if you receive one. Some tougher work environments even restrict executives from receiving gifts. Gifts may be presented to bosses by their employees around significant holidays and birthdays in some more casual work environments.

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