Cremation Keepsake Gifts

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Unique Cremation Keepsake Gifts for a Loved One’s Ashes

Burial rituals change over time, in part due to changing cultural influences: Cremation has grown in popularity in recent decades since it is less expensive than traditional funerals. People are always looking for more environmentally friendly burial options.

Cremation services can be tailored to your specific needs. It used to be that finding distinctive urns for ashes was about the limit, but now there are numerous methods to exhibit or even repurpose cremated remains.

We look at beautiful cremation keepsake gifts in this article.

Cremation Jewelry and Accessory Keepsake Gifts

Cremation jewelry is one of the most popular cremation souvenirs. You can select or create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to hold a little portion of cremation ashes, allowing you to carry a bit of your loved one with you.

Memorial keepsake jewelry, whether a diamond pendant or a heart that you physically wear on your sleeve, is a funeral tradition that is being revived as a way of honoring a loved one who has gone.

There is a great choice of pendant, bracelet, and ring styles to pick from, including fillable lockets for ashes, fingerprint memories, and crystal beads, from large specialist corporations to bespoke jewelers and craftsmen producers.

Here are some cremation jewelry and accessory examples.

Cremation Pendant

Cremation necklaces are the most popular type of cremation jewelry. They let you keep your loved one near to your heart (literally). Cremation necklaces come in a variety of styles. Here are a few examples:

Urn Necklaces

Urn necklaces have a little jar meant to hold ashes that dangles from a chain. The vessel could take the form of a typical urn. It could also have a more streamlined, cylindrical design.

These necklaces are built so that you can scoop the ashes into the cup before closing it. Find out more about urn necklaces.

Ash-infused Pendant

Many craftspeople may create pendants out of materials such as glass or resin. They can directly incorporate the ash into the materials. You would send away a small percentage of ashes for the artisan to work with directly for these bracelets. 

Cremation Locket

For many years, lockets have been used as sentimental items of souvenir jewelry. Cremation lockets are available in a variety of styles. 

Cremation Bracelet

Cremation bracelets, like cremation necklaces, come in a variety of styles. Here are a couple of examples:

Birthstone Urn Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are an excellent way to commemorate significant persons and events in your life. A miniature urn jewelry adorned with your deceased loved one’s birthstone can be obtained with a charm bracelet. You can fill it with ashes and then link it to your bracelet.

Braided Leather Wristlet

Ashes can be infused into the leather by several companies and craftspeople. The leather is then braided into a strong, long-lasting bracelet. It is a daily piece of memorial jewelry.

Memorial Diamond 

Many of the jewelry pieces we’ve described contain a compartment in which you can store a little portion of your ashes. However, if you truly want to make a statement, you might have your loved one’s ashes converted into jewelry.

Some companies discovered how to remove carbon from cremated bones about 20 years ago, then employed equipment to transform that carbon into a lab-grown diamond.

They reproduced and accelerated the natural process that converts carbon into diamonds. It only takes months rather than billions of years. The carbon found in cremated bodies is used to manufacture these memorial diamonds. This is not a cheap procedure.

A 0.25-carat diamond costs roughly $1,400, but it makes an eternal monument to a lost loved one. Some companies, such as Eterneva, produce lab-grown diamonds and allow you to choose from a variety of cuts and colors for your gemstone.

Cremation Ring

If you lose a spouse, you will eventually have to decide whether or not to continue wearing your wedding jewelry.

Many people struggle with the idea of removing a ring that represents eternity. A cremation ring, on the other hand—a ring infused with the ashes of your deceased loved one—can be an excellent transitional piece.

When you’re ready, replace your wedding band with your cremation ring. It is a way to honor a late spouse while also allowing yourself to begin moving on.

Cremation Keychain Jewelry

Keychain cremation jewelry is made up of several themed keychains that have a pinch of cremated ashes inside. The keychains easily attach to an existing keychain, a purse strap, or a belt loop and are great for folks who do not wear jewelry but want to commemorate a loved one.

Cremation Photo Engraved Jewelry

Cremation jewelry with photos is made of stainless steel, and there are versions with and without an interior urn. Any image you choose can be engraved in the exact likeness of the uploaded photo onto the flat surface of the pendant.

Photo engraved jewelry not only provides a tactile remembering of a loved one, but it also provides a visual picture reminder.

Ideas for Glass Cremation Keepsake Gifts

Glassmaking is an enthralling piece of art form. It mixes science and art to produce works that appear to be unattainable. It’s difficult to think that something as fragile as glass is the result of enormous effort created in extreme heat.

Artists can directly incorporate ash into glass. The ash provides a fascinating aesthetic element, and integrating a loved one’s ashes into a glass souvenir is a lovely way to remember someone. Here are some options for incorporating ash into a piece of one-of-a-kind and gorgeous glass cremation art.

Cremation Stained Glass Window

Many artists are capable of infusing ashes into a stained glass window pane. An uncommon and wonderful cremation keepsake is a brilliant ornamental sheet of glass.

Cremation Gazing Ball 

Gazing balls are enormous spheres that are used as lawn decorations. They can sit on the ground or in a wrought iron stand. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

They are frequently composed of iridescent glass, but they can also be covered in mirrored chrome. Originally, they were supposed to bring good luck and ward off evil. Cremated ash can be placed into a gazing ball to create a beautiful piece of meditative decor.

Heart-Shaped Cremation Paperweight

The most difficult aspect of losing someone is no longer having that person’s quiet presence in your life.

Obtaining a handy piece of cremation glass might assist you in feeling as if your loved one is still there in your daily life. A heart-shaped cremation glass paperweight is a charming memorial item to a loyal companion.

Cremation Glass Sculpture

Glassblowers and craftsmen are increasingly incorporating cremation ash into their work. You can seek up cremation glass artisans online to locate someone whose style you like.

Speak with the artist about making a work of art, possibly based on something meaningful to you and the dead. Then showcase this one-of-a-kind cremation glass sculpture. It will have significant personal value for you, and it will be a keepsake you will cherish for many years.

Other Cremation Keepsake Gift Ideas

A loved one’s ashes can be displayed in a variety of ways, including cremation pieces of jewelry and glass cremation art. However, there are other unique cremation souvenir things available.

Here are a few of the most unforgettable.

Ash-infused vinyl

If you’re looking for the right way to dispose of your loved one’s ashes following cremation, this choice may be music to your ears. Some businesses allow people to have their loved ones’ ashes pressed into playable vinyl records in order to immortalize them.

The record can be pressed with voice recordings or customized with favorite music tracks, and the artwork on the record cover can also be personalized in meaningful ways.

Was your loved one a major music fan or just an audiophile in general? You can have your ashes made into a personalized album with a recording of your voice or some of your favorite music.

When the record is played, the ashes in the record can produce distinct sounds, making this a highly customized and one-of-a-kind object. The price is quite hefty, at $3,700, but it’s affordable for such a one-of-a-kind memorial keepsake.

Customized Ash-Filled Hourglass

Several companies sell engraved memorial hourglasses that can be filled with ashes rather than sand. The glass bulb could be engraved with the deceased’s name, birth and death dates, and perhaps a memorial remark.

Typically, you can add the ashes yourself. These aren’t accurate enough to be used as a watch. However, they might serve as a sobering visual reminder of how short life is.

Ash Painting

Making art from cremation ashes, particularly a likeness of the deceased, is growing fashionable.

These cremation portraits are made by combining your loved one’s cremated bones with your materials.

To create a painting, some painters infuse their paints with the ashes of a person or pet.

This could be a portrait of the deceased. It could also be a landscape of a significant location. Regardless of the subject matter, this is a one-of-a-kind remembrance keepsake.

Ash Tattoos

People often get tattoos to remember their loved ones after they die, but some studios are also offering unique ink with their remains.

A small number of tattoo parlors have begun to offer these one-of-a-kind memorial tattoos to bereaved customers. A small amount of your loved one’s ashes are mixed with tattoo ink, which can subsequently be used in a variety of designs.

Tattoo ink, like paint, can be infused with ashes. A few third-party companies add cremated ash into tattoo ink vials. Unfortunately, the cost of a single vial of ink is close to $200.

In other words, if your tattoo doesn’t employ a lot of various colors, it will be the most cost-effective. However, it is a unique and creative way to carry a permanent memorial to someone in your flesh.

Box of Beautiful Memories

A person was inspired to create an adult memory box for a friend who was mourning her husband’s death and missing their physical connection.

His conceptual memory box also functions as a speaker and can play music. A gold-plated key that can be worn as a necklace opens it.

Inside the box is a vial to retain a small amount of their perfume, as well as a glass jar housing a small golden urn that can house 21 grams of someone’s ashes.

Cremation Stones

Finally, Parting Stone can turn your loved one’s ashes into cemented ash stones. Holding the ashes in your hands allows you to connect with the person you lost, or you can disperse the stones in nature instead.


Believe it or not, the carbon of the body after cremation can be used to make around 240 pencils. Each pencil bears the name of the deceased. The pencils are presented in a lovely box. Only one pencil at a time can be removed.

When the pencil is returned to the box, it sharpens automatically. The box eventually becomes an urn and holds nothing but shavings.

Ceramic Mugs and Cups

Cremation ashes can be fashioned into coffee mugs, plates, and other kitchen items. The pottery is adorned with a glaze containing the loved one’s ashes.

The urn may be fashioned into practically anything you might envision using 3D technology, from a sculpture of the departed to your loved one’s favorite car. A ceramic or plastic object is made from the ash of your loved one.

Build A Tree From Their Ashes

Did you know that you can turn the ashes of a loved one into a tree? Isn’t it amazing? Tree urns are what they’re called.

These simple and inexpensive memorial tree urns allow you to grow a tree from the ashes of a loved one. Each urn contains a bit of the ash as well as a seed from a number of trees, including the popular Dogwood tree, Blue Spruce, Flowering Cherry, and others.

You can also acquire a personal urn, which lets you plant your own seeds. Simply fill the urn with remains, plant the seed, and watch a “living memorial” grow.

It is a heartfelt gesture to have their ashes nourish and sustain a tree.

The Bios Urn appears to be the most popular tree urn on the market. Their package includes all of the supplies and instructions needed to grow a tree.

Keepsake Stuffed Animals

These teddy bears are unique in that they include interior compartments that can hold some of your loved one’s ashes.

Some may find this strange and unconventional.

Snuggling and hugging a teddy bear that carries a piece of the person you loved, on the other hand, could be incredibly consoling.

A 3D Printer Can Make Use of Ashes

Final Thoughts

What to do with cremation ashes does not have to be a source of stress or difficulty at a time when so many decisions must be made following the death of a loved one.

There are numerous ways to commemorate your loved one and create final tributes that reflect your family’s personality and hobbies. You can make a meaningful keepsake from a loved one’s cremains.

Burial rituals evolve alongside societies. Cremation is becoming more popular as an alternate burial option.

So it stands to reason that humans would come up with innovative ways to deal with ashes. People might have scoffed at the thought of wearing a loved one’s ashes in a piece of jewelry just a generation or two ago.

However, as our attitudes regarding dying change, unusual acts that formerly looked strange may now provide us solace.

Preserving a loved one’s ashes as a keepsake can be a beautiful and therapeutic gesture. It might serve as a reminder that even something as tragic as death can bring amazing beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes cremation keepsake urns unique?

Typically, keepsake urns are robust vessels with an interior chamber that holds a person’s cremated remains. There are many ways to display keepsake urns at home, providing a lovely way to honor a late loved one while keeping them close to the heart and mind.

The primary distinction between a regular urn and a keepsake urn is one of size. Keepsake urns are significantly smaller than normal urns and are intended to store only a small fraction of cremated ashes.

A keepsake urn normally holds less than 50 cubic inches, whereas a standard-sized urn carries 200 cubic inches. There are also small keepsake urns with only one cubic inch of capacity.

What makes people choose cremation keepsake urns?

Keepsake urns’ tiny size makes them ideal for a variety of applications. For one thing, the family can divide their loved one’s cremated remains into multiple urns so that each family member can share a portion.

Because of this, keepsake urns are sometimes referred to as “sharing urns” in some locations. Allowing multiple people to take a small amount of the ashes for their own memento urn might be a great solution for large families.

Some families have previously opted to enter their loved one’s ashes in a cemetery or columbarium or to disperse them in a special spot, possibly according to their desires.

Storing a small percentage of ashes in a keepsake urn allows these families to keep a piece of their loved one close while adhering to the original plans.

Finally, because of their small size, some people prefer keepsake urns. These popular cremation keepsake urns are easier to manage and locate an acceptable spot for in those with limited living accommodations, such as modest flats or retirement homes.

What materials are cremation keepsake urns made of?

Keepsake urns, like regular urns, are available in a range of materials. Ceramic urns are relatively prevalent, but there are also handcrafted urns with beautiful woodwork, stone, and glass components.

Because keepsake urns are intended to be displayed in the home, they are typically made of beautiful, long-lasting materials.

What do cremation keepsake urns look like?

Keepsake urns are available in a wide variety of forms and styles. There are memento urns to suit all preferences, whether you desire bold, eye-catching art urns that stand out or more subtle pieces that remain attractive and modern without drawing too much attention. 

There are even some souvenir urns meant to include candles in the display, resulting in a more meaningful memorial for remembering a deceased loved one.

The actual beauty of keepsake urns, however, is that they are designed to hold a tiny part of ashes, making them a great alternative for large families and those who already have memorial plans in place.

What is the cost of cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is available in a range of price points. It is critical to understand that chain upgrades and personalization with engraving can affect the overall cost of the decision.

Cremation Jewelry for Less Than $50

Glass urn cremation jewelry pendants and brass cremation jewelry are an economical options for individuals wishing to spend less than $50 and are an excellent choices for people on a tight budget.

Silver Cremation Pendants for Less Than $100

Sterling silver cremation jewelry for ashes is typically priced between $60 and $100 and comes in a wide range of themes and styles.

Gold Plated Jewelry Under $125 

Cremation jewelry with 14k gold plating is a great choice for individuals who want the look of gold but without the higher associated expenditures. It has the look of 14k gold but is more inexpensively priced at roughly $125.

Beautiful 14K Gold Cremation Jewelry

The highest quality materials are 14k yellow gold, 14k white gold, and 14k rose gold, which usually cost around $1000.

Is cremation keepsake jewelry only for ashes?

No! Some people may feel uncomfortable with cremated ashes, while others may be unable to use ashes. Other possibilities include bits of the earth where your loved one was placed to rest, ashes from a burned photo, or even a short stroll to fit inside a cylinder. Additional options include:

  • A couple of hair strands
  • Sand grains from their favorite beach
  • A small portion from their favorite t-shirt

There are no restrictions on what you can put within the cremation jewelry. You can put whatever you want that provides you comfort as long as it is particular to you and fits inside the jewelry.

Is it possible to purchase cremation jewelry as a gift?

Cremation jewelry makes an excellent present for anyone. When giving cremation jewelry, it is crucial to consider the recipient’s age, lifestyle, and personal preferences. This allows you to show them still how much you care and give them something personal while remaining inside their comfort zone.

Take into Account Their Age

Clasps might be challenging for elderly people. Consider a longer chain to accompany a cremation pendant present, as the necklace may be easily placed over the head and removed with no additional assistance required.

This removes the need to fiddle with a little clasp.

Consider Their Lifestyle

Those who live an extremely busy and rigorous lifestyle may prefer a cremation bracelet or cremation ring over a cremation pendant.

Pendants and necklaces are frequently tangled. However, a cremation ring or bracelet is quick and simple to remove when needed.

Consider Their Personal Preferences

Cremation jewelry may not be for everyone, but you may still give them a particular memory of their loved ones. For people who don’t wear a lot of jewelry, keychains and rearview mirror pendants are ideal, and many are available without an inside urn.

Photo-engraved jewelry is also a good option for individuals who want to remember someone but do not want to carry around cremation ashes.

What are some additional creative ways to use cremation ashes?

There are various possibilities for people who want a more creative and unique resting place for their loved one’s ashes. Here are some examples:

Garden Scattering

Make use of a scattering garden. A scattering garden, as an alternative to a cemetery, has grown in popularity. They give a physical gathering place for family and friends while also creating a lovely natural setting. Many gardens have markers or memorials.

Put Ash In a Potted Plant

Choose a plant that grows quickly and is appropriate for the environment. There are compost mix kits available for flowers, plants, and trees.

National Park

Many national parks permit the spreading of ashes. There are guidelines to follow and a lot of paperwork to fill out, but the location gives a beautiful resting place for your loved one.

At Sea

Many boating firms provide cremated ashes sprinkled at sea. Family and friends are welcome to board the ship and attend the event. The ashes are scattered into the water using a biodegradable urn that floats, sinks, and dissolves.

Explore the World

Most airlines will allow you to travel with an urn, allowing you and your loved one to explore those locations on your bucket list. Several touring groups have made arrangements to sprinkle ashes in other nations if desired. The vacation leaves a lasting impression and enables a meaningful celebration with noteworthy places.


Several companies claim to be able to transport your loved ones to the heavens using the power of helium balloons.

The remains are placed inside huge balloons and released after the memorial ceremony. When the balloon reaches a specific height, it bursts, scattering the ashes. Some businesses offer to videotape the event.

Coral Reef

There are various companies that will form your loved one’s ashes into a molded design that looks like the reefs in the ocean. The artificial reefs are utilized to replace regions that have been damaged or destroyed. They provide us with a natural habitat for a variety of marine creatures.

Book Cremation Urn

People are said to lose themselves in reading. A book cremation urn may be the finest method to honor a loved one who loved to read or if books and a home library are a part of your history.

Fireworks Display

Several companies will use your loved one’s ashes to create a variety of aerial fireworks. The tremendous explosions disperse their ashes and create an occasion commemorating their lives.

Is it permissible to spread ashes?

People are allowed to scatter in California, where there is no municipal prohibition and with written permission from the governing agency or property owner (if it is not your property). Furthermore, once scattered, the ashes must be indistinguishable to the general public.

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