The Best Toolboxes In The Market For Every Type Of Handyman

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The 5 Best Toolboxes In The Market For Every Type Of Handyman

About Tool Boxes

A toolbox is an all-encompassing collection of tools that a person may keep for specific, personal purposes. Toolboxes vary widely depending on the user and the type of work they do. The best toolbox is one that fits a person’s needs and their intended purpose. Each different type of handiness has its own sets of requirements for a toolbox. To help people find the best toolboxes for their personal needs, here is a list of some good options.

AT A GLANCE – OUR TOP 5 Best ToolBoxes In The Market For Every Type Of Handyman (SEE ON AMAZON)

1. THE BUDGET OPTION: beyond by BLACK+DECKER Tool Box Bundle


? Easy Access: Top of lids feature two removable clear compartments for small tools or screws

? Organization: Removable inner trays provide storage while keeping the tool kit organized

? Lockable: Add a small lock to the built-in padlock eye to keep your contents secure

? Sturdy: Made of durable plastic to withstand frequent use around the home, garden, and yard

? Set of 2: Includes a 19-inch and a 12-inch tool box to store tools of different sizes


The 2 toolbox set is made of high-quality plastic which is durable and lightweight. 

The box has a LOT of storage space and it is big enough to hold most tools, power tools, and just about anything else you could need to carry around. Overall, this is a great value and it suits most people’s needs very well.


“I needed small toolboxes for the convenience of hauling them out when I need a tool. I don’t have a garage or shed where I can store items. I have a closet and the top of my fridge and these look a lot nicer than a small storage bin. I wish it was just a bit bigger but it does hold most of my tools and if I had enough patience to really organize them I bet I could fit all of them. There is only 2 that are left out though so that is not bad. I like the smaller ones for my little odds and ends. I am okay with these. These seem heavy duty. I dropped one and it did not break like my last one. And the price is not too bad for both.”

“I needed to organize my tools for quick access but don’t want to spend a lot of money for it. This fit the bill. Small container fit my everyday go to tools and the big container for my big tools. It appears sturdy and thick enough to hold my saw, hammer, mallet and big wretch for the prize. This will make it easier to find, carry it to my work bench and access it. Just hope my husband put the tools back when his done.”

“These meets my needs. They are not the stongest but okay for the few things we will put in them. My husband has a huge, steel box that you need a forklift to move. As his wife, I just wanted a couple of handy boxes that were accessible for our use. Hubby is using the smaller one for his watch repair tools and the large one for smaller tools. Works for both of us.”


✅ The price for a bundle

✅ 2 sizes to separate smaller and bigger tools

✅ Easy to bring around


❌ Limited to smaller tools

❌ Not heavy duty


? Robust structural foam box with huge interior space

? Inner vertical storage for hand tools and removable tray for hand tools

? Side latches allow stacking modules, 1 on top of the other

? Side handles enable carrying or assembling products on the Tough System metal Carrier

? IP65 Integrated water seal for protection of content from the environment and anti rust metal latches.Durable 4mm thick structural foam box wall gives robust structure to the stand alone units.Integrated water seal in every unit for protection of contents and long life for your equipment. 

? Durable 4mm thick structural foam box wall gives robust structure to the stand alone units

? Integrated water seal in every unit for protection of contents and long life for your equipment


This tool box is designed with a lot of space and a lot of durability. It features a IP65 Integrated water seal for protection of content from the environment and anti-rust metal latches. Durable 4mm thick structural foam box wall gives robust structure to the stand alone units. Integrated water seal in every unit for protection of contents and long life for your equipment. Metal carrier with adjustable foldable brackets allow tailored configuration. Central locking mechanism secures the box to the frame. A removable vertical compartments for convenient hand tool storage

This is a good choice for people who need storage for lots of tools or large tools, as well as people working in a shop setting. It also has an inside organizer that allows users to keep things organized.


“Love this system!

I purchased all of the tough system boxes and wall racks. Converted them into a van rack system. These things are by far the best setup I have used in my van. I am a professional handyman/renovation guy. I do not know how to make the van any more efficient besides some small tweaks and usage of the space behind the boxes. I have added some foldable arms to one side so I can make more room for large packages.

“dewalt it’s the best when it comes with storage that’ s why i like it so much”


✅ Built tough and slightly waterproof

✅ Comes with organizer

✅ Goes perfect with the full DeWalt Tough System


❌ Heavy even without tools

❌ A bit expensive for just a tool box


? DIMENSIONS: 14. 88 in. W x 24. 25 in. D x 16. 34 in. H

? RESIN CONSTRUCTION: It is made from an all-weather resin with a 66 lb. weight capacity

? DURABLE AND STRONG: Weather-resistant polypropylene construction prevents rusting, peeling, and denting

? LOCKING: Features a central locking mechanism for maintaining security as well as stability during travel

? PORTABLE: Extendable handle for ease when rolling and 7″ rubber heavy duty wheels for mobility makes it easy when on the go

? ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Includes 6 removable bins in 2 sizes for organizing small parts, hardware, as well as nuts and bolts

? LARGE TOOL STORAGE: The bottom divider offers deep storage space for larger tools such as hammer, power drill, and flashlight

? VERSATILE USE: Perfect for any kind of project – DIY projects, home improvement, commercial construction work, and more


This is a good option for people who need to transport their tools a lot. It comes with three locking bins which means it’s good for transporting things in secure containers. It has a handle and extra wheels on the bottom, so it makes it easy to move around. The body is also durable, and it doesn’t fall apart easily. Overall, this is an affordable option that works well for most needs.


“I’ve been using this for a few months so far and I have to say, it’s been super convenient for me to store my tools I use the most, where I need to be. I don’t like have a garage to work in, so I have to work at different locations around the house and being able to cart my tools around with a handle made things easier and more productive.

I like the storage cups compartment for my screws and smaller stuff to store in, and I can see from the top where I need to reach. The other side holds longer items. As you can see in my pics, you can slide the top storage apart and get into the middle of the box that is plenty big enough to store a few power tools.

Nothing is feeling like it’s about to break. It rolls great and does lock from the middle so that it wont open up during transportation. As you can also see that the handle retracts in the body and pulls out to pull while walking”

“Bought it for my husband as a surprise to replace his old, small wheeled rickety tool cart. He was thrilled! Big wheels and lots of room. Wheeled it effortlessly over the rough ground and down grade to our basement. Has it filled with tools and even commented his big strong arm fit in. Good purchase!”

“Pleanty of room, and love the compartments. Wheels nice and large and doesn’t take away from interior compartment space. Seams sturdy. Need to ensure clasp is properlly closed to keep drawers from sliding open when tilted up as you pull it. Will return to this review when used for a while to advise on durability. Seller was amazing fast with exchange as unfortunately first one received was damaged. It was shipped out within hours from my reporting of request for exchange. Huge THUMBS up.”


✅ Rolling case makes it easier to bring around

✅ A lot of storage space and dividers for organization

✅ Top lids open up sideways to allow easy access to main compartment


❌ Plastic hinges are fragile

❌ Not as heavy duty


? Top lid

? 3 drawers for organization

? Made out of metal


This is a good option for people who need to keep a lot of tools on hand, but they want to keep them organized. It has three drawers on the top that are roomy enough for most things, and it also has hooks at the bottom for securing larger items. There is a handle at the top, and it’s made of metal so it’s durable. This is a good choice for people who value quality craftsmanship.


“Exactly as expected. The empty box is quite heavy, fully loaded up this box will be extremely heavy. For my purposes, its to be a stationary tool box that will sit inside a shelf system and it works brilliantly in that respect. The entire box has a solid and sturdy feel from the smooth opening drawers to the latches and hinges for top cover. The drawers stay in a closed position when pushed with a little pressure on the right side of the tray so there’s no chance of the drawer creeping back out, which is nice feature. The included diagrams show the drawer tracks can be oiled and drawers removed if needed. By default, when the top cover is down it engages a bar down the back of the box that locks all the drawers in place, this is helpful should you have to move the toolbox. The locking bar can be removed by tapping out a single large pin that holds that bar in place and the bar pulls out, which I have done. It does everything I expect it to, along with a nice look and feel, I’ll have this for years to come.”

“Excellent for my needs. I am not a mechanic, but I have been fixing issues on my car, motivated by youtube videos of Chris Fix Channel.

I keep this box in the trunk. It has a foam inside, so pieces don’t misplace and don’t make noise.”

“I thought I had already reviewed this. This tool box lioks and functions exactly like the same Craftsman tool box I bought 40 years ago. The new one sits alongside the old one. The price is good as is the quality.”


✅ Metal material means it is built to last

✅ 3 drawers for organization

✅ Top lid and space for bigger items


❌ Not very portable

❌ Limited to smaller tools


? 18 – 20 gauge double wall i-frame; construction is built to last

? 100 lb. Ball-bearing drawers with soft close latching will not Slam closed

? 1, 500 lb. Load rating with 5inches X 2inches Casters and reinforced mounting casters

? CRAFTSMAN embossed mats protect surfaces under the lid and on top of the cabinet

? Made in the USA with global Materials

? 10 Year Limited Warranty, refer to “Warranty & Support” section below for full details

? Includes socket organizer & drawer liner


The mother of all tool boxes! This thing is huge! It has a lot of space to store tools and parts, and it’s also very durable. 

This toolbox uses a liner that attaches to the bottom of each drawer to keep things organized. The drawers are adjustable so they fit in most toolboxes. It has an organizer at the bottom that keeps socket sets and wrenches together. The top lid is lockable, and there is a shelf at the top, which has a magnetic holder for screws and nails. Overall, this is a good option for people who need tools to stay organized.


“Arrived when I scheduled it to. Not damaged. Would buy again. Only downside is Lowe’s has it cheaper. And the socket organizers it comes with aren’t great. Other than that it’s solid.”

“Overall it is a value effective product to the problem of needing a bigger toolbox. I had to tip the whole box upside down to open a few drawers to reattach the locking mechanism. Others have bore out the lock, but didn’t take into account gravity. A small hassle of 10 minutes. Sure, it came with a few scratches and dings but over all it’s great. Would I buy it again, sure.”


✅ Metal material means it is built to last

✅ 10 drawers of various heights for easy organization

✅ Caster wheels make it easy to move around the garage or workspace

✅ Paper towel holder and drawer liner

✅ Ball bearing drawers makes opening and closing smooth

✅ Key lock


❌ Expensive

❌ Socket organizer material could be better

We’ve got you covered with more of these amazing gift lists:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best type of toolbox to buy?

Answer: Choosing the best type of toolbox depends on your needs. If you need a box to carry things around with you, then get a rolling one. If you need something to store your tools in, then consider a larger cabinet.

No matter what, make sure you choose a durable option that can hold your tools and parts securely. This is important because if the toolbox falls apart at any point, it could damage the contents inside which would be bad for anyone who relies on their tools and parts.

2. What makes a good tool case?

Answer: The best tool cases are ones that are durable and easy to carry or transport. A good case will also have a sturdy frame to hold the tool case securely. That will protect the tools and parts inside from falling apart if anything ever happens to their box.

However, if you’re looking for something cheap, then look no further. You can find a cheap one at any store that sells these types of products, so why spend more money on something you’re not going to use that often.

3. Is it important that the toolbox is waterproof?

Answer: It is very important to ensure that your tools are waterproof before buying any type of toolbox. You can easily damage your tools if they are not waterproof, so it’s good to know that the box you’re buying is going to be able to protect all of your tools from the elements.

4. How do I lock a toolbox?

Answer: It is important that you choose a lockable toolbox that you can use with a combination or key lock. You should also make sure that the locks aren’t going to be easy for anyone to pick, which could lead to people taking your items.

If you choose one with both locking mechanisms, then it’s better than having one without them. Overall, this is very important when it comes to choosing the best tool box for yourself.

5. What is the best type of drawer to buy?

Answer: They are all made differently and have different types of compartments. Generally, they come in three types: shallow, deep, and side-by-side. You don’t need to worry about this too much when buying a toolbox because the type of drawer you get will depend on what you need it for.

For example, if you have a lot of smaller and medium-sized tools that are going to be stored inside one or more drawers, then a deep drawer is good for you. However, if your needs are more dedicated to trucks that are meant to hold very large sized tools or parts then try a shallow drawer from time to time.

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