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Virtual National Boss Day Ideas

You’ve come to the right place for the best Boss Day gifts and ideas!

The 16th of October is National Boss Day. Boss Day gifts and ideas are a terrific way to honor and thank your bosses, managers, and leaders. games, presents, and activities are among the suggestions for making the day more special. Virtual Boss Day may be a thing in 2021.

You might choose to add Boss Day quotes to your gift or upgrade to premium corporate gifts.

List of Boss Day 2021 Ideas

Here’s a list of extra touches to make your next National Boss Day particularly memorable, from cards to staff breakfasts to free time.

Boss Day Bingo Is A Fun Game To Play

When the big day arrives, Boss Day Bingo is one of the best team-building activities you and your colleagues can play with your boss. Simply give or send a card to each team member, then talk and trade stories to complete the squares.

Office Games on the Internet

Online Office Games is a 90-minute virtual team-building activity that incorporates trivia, mini-competitions, and other activities. It’s a pleasant exercise that can assist your team’s boss interact with the rest of the team while also reminding them that work can be enjoyable.

We normally supply two hosts for the event, which takes place by video call. The lead host ensures that everyone on your team is included and interested, while the co-host helps with team formations and any technical issues that arise. It’s entertaining!

Attend Nerd Talks as a Group

Nerd Talks are zany, TED-style talks about fascinating themes like beer and sharks, cereal and serial killers, and Plato and Play-dough. The events span 60 minutes, with 30 minutes of interactive learning and 30 minutes of online group games such as trivia.

Normally, you learn from your boss, but this Boss’s Day, you and your boss may learn together at a Nerd Talk. One of the finest virtual boss’s day ideas is to hold a Zoom room seminar.

Your employer will not only develop cool new skills that will dazzle at cocktail parties or company meetings, but he or she will also gain vital team bonding time.

Solve a Murder Mystery

Murder in Ancient Egypt is one of our most popular virtual events. This game incorporates aspects of murder mysteries, escape games, and puzzle solving, and is based on a true Ancient Egyptian murder.

Murder in Ancient Egypt is a banner that depicts a murder in Ancient Egypt.

Solving puzzles with your friends is a terrific way to bond and have fun. Also, because this is a challenging murder mystery, it will require a lot of teamwork to solve it. The event will last 90 minutes and will be held by video call.

Here are some more murder mystery games to play online.

Free Time as a Surprise for Your Boss

Coordination with the assistant is required for this Boss Day proposal. Your supervisor has a hectic schedule, and the day may be so jam-packed with meetings and duties that he or she doesn’t have time to revel in the plaudits of the team. 

You can offer your employer a much-needed break by scheduling a decoy meeting. A time window near the end of the day is recommended.

Please note that if your boss is under a tight schedule or dislikes surprises, you may not want to carry out this method. However, if your boss neglects self-care on a regular basis, this approach may be the only way to ensure that your wonderful boss genuinely enjoys the special day.

Make A Lively Lip-dub Video

Corral the crew and record an energetic lip-dub is one of the more funny Boss Day celebration ideas. Lip-dubs are videos in which people do choreographed dances while lip-syncing to popular tunes.

Song suggestions are as follows:

  • Diana Ross’s The Boss
  • James Brown’s The Boss
  • The Lonely Island’s “Like a Boss”
  • Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger

If you choose a song with risqué lyrics, such as The Lonely Island’s Like an Employer, you may want to sample only a clean section unless your boss and human resources department have no qualms with using colorful language at work.

You may even record your routine to the boss’s favorite music or make a spoof version of a song.

To make the actual video, each team member could record and submit video clips independently, then edit the snippets together, or you could all come together and record a Zoom call to film the video.

Make A Greeting Card

National Boss Day greeting cards are a must-have for the occasion. Cards can help you express your thoughts and gratitudes to your management, whether you choose a humorous greeting or a meaningful remark.

You and your coworkers can either purchase and sign a physical card or make an electronic card. Incorporating a team photo, regardless of whatever choice you choose, is a lovely addition. After all, Bosses Day honors leadership, and your bosses appreciate you just as much as you appreciate them.

Other card options for Boss Day include:

  • Incorporate your team into an ecard
  • Make a collage of the team members
  • Make a brief video tribute to them
  • Put the squad in a fun situation, like fighting zombies
  • Send a fun 3-D pop-up card to someone special
  • Request that the team come up with terms that best define the boss, and then use an online generator to create a word cloud

Cards are the simplest method to express gratitude to your boss. Check out our article on Boss Day quotes for ideas on what to write in your card.

Make Time For One-on-One Conversations

Because your busy boss may not always have time to interact with the team for non-work reasons, setting up one-on-one meetings with each team member is a great approach to commemorate Bosses Day. 

Simply coordinate schedules so that each team member has five to fifteen minutes to meet with the management.

You may either block off time in the boss’s calendar or allow employees to sign up for stints at various times throughout the day. In either case, using a cloud-based calendar and appointment-making app makes coordinating these meetings much easier.

These one-on-ones resemble a speed-dating event, in which participants engage in a series of brief personal chats. You can use our icebreaker questions as discussion starters or just let the conversation develop naturally.

The sole rule is that no shop chatter is permitted! These conversations are for bonding, not for grading.

Organize A Breakfast For Your Team.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s also one of the finest ways to get a good start on National Bosses Day. Your manager and the rest of the team can begin the day with gratitude and optimism.

Simply set out a range of nutritious foods such as bagels, yogurt, waffles, and juice.

If your staff is distributed, you can pay the expense of your boss’s breakfast by ordering from a Yelp-listed local delivery place. Then, using Zoom or WebEx, you and the rest of the team may meet and share a meal.

Plan Activities For Virtual Team Building.

If your team works remotely this year, you may celebrate Boss’s Day by participating in some fun virtual team building activities.

To discover more about one other and foster communication, play icebreaker games like Never Have I Ever, or do something more complicated like a murder mystery or escape room.

There are both free and paid options in this collection of virtual team building games and activities.

Final Thoughts

For all employees, including supervisors, recognition is a key aspect in employee engagement. Leaders devote time and energy to supporting and coaching their people, and expressing gratitude for their efforts can increase a manager’s drive and morale.

Check out our article on You Can Celebrate Bosses Day In Ten Awesome Ways This Year for more workplace celebration ideas. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Boss Day, exactly?

Boss Day, often referred to as Boss’s Day or National Boss Day, is a celebration that honors and recognizes organizational executives. Employees usually thank their bosses on this day with meaningful cards and messages, gifts, and fun activities.

2. When is Boss’s Day this year?

On October 16, the United States celebrates National Boss’s Day. Despite the fact that this holiday began in North America, other countries can join in the celebration and honor great leaders by preparing celebrations and gestures for the day.

3. What are your plans for Bosses Day?

You and your coworkers should, at the very least, sign a card for the boss. You and your coworkers can also collaborate on a gift, or if you plan ahead of time, you can make a DIY Boss’s Day gift.

Throwing a game or food-themed party is a fun and exciting way to spend a morning or afternoon, as well as an opportunity for team building.

4. What are some ideas for good Boss’s Day gifts?

Personal and meaningful presents from the entire staff make the greatest National Boss Day gifts. Many gifts are likewise inexpensive, but they demonstrate thought and effort. Coupon booklets, personalized emojis, gift baskets, and a blog post are all good Boss’s Day gifts.

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