Smart Toilet For Your Home

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Choosing The Best Smart Toilet For Your Home

Are smart toilets worthwhile? While they won’t pay your taxes for you, they will supply many useful features fit for royalty. We’ll walk you through the top smart toilets available–and what makes them acceptable thrones for your lavatory.

Aside from eliminating the need for toilet paper, smart toilets improve your quality of life so much that you’ll never go back. What’s not to love about heated chairs, a warm air dryer, automatic flushing, sanitary filtered water, a night light, and changeable choices through remote control?

However, whether smart toilets are ideal for you will depend on balancing value and expense. Consider how much money you’ll save by not using toilet paper!

But honestly, there’s a lot to consider when selecting the ideal toilet for your home, and we’ll break it all down for you. However, if you want some quick-pick options, choose one of the notable products listed below. Otherwise, join us for an in-depth look at the best smart toilets on the market.

What Makes a Smart Toilet… Smart?

Smart technology frequently reimagines our most-used everyday objects in order to save us time and energy. Despite the proliferation of smart lighting and plug sockets, one of our most important daily necessities is significantly less common than a smart appliance.

Smart toilets are already standard in Japan, but the Western world has been slower to abandon the use of toilet paper. (Don’t worry if you’re not convinced about this whole smart toilet thing; we also ranked the best toilets overall.)

You can buy a whole unit in certain circumstances, but for other “smart toilets,” you can get a seat attachment. Regardless, there is a lot of diversity across models, so we’ve compiled a list of the finest smart toilets available.

The Advantages of a Smart Toilet

One of the most obvious advantages of a smart toilet, and one shared by other smart gadgets, is convenience.

Some models will automatically flip the seat and cover, reduce your toilet paper use, use a bidet, and flush the bowl for you. It may not seem like much, but it will save you valuable seconds every time you go.

And then there’s the issue of hygiene. These toilets are more sanitary than traditional types. Using a water spray after each toilet visit is more hygienic than simply cleaning oneself with toilet paper. After all, if you had wasted on another area of your body, you wouldn’t just wipe it away with dry tissue paper.

Smart toilets can also help people with medical ailments like irritable bowel syndrome or hemorrhoids.

As a sufferer, you may find yourself using excessive toilet paper, which aggravates your agony. On the other hand, the wash feature of a smart toilet eliminates the need for excessive wiping, which can irritate your skin.

Furthermore, automatic features eliminate the need to contact physical buttons or lids, decreasing germ transfer. Moreover, some toilets include features such as a pre-mist that prevents filth from adhering to the toilet bowl. This reduces the possibility of hazardous bacteria growing on the inner surfaces of your toilet.

Things To Look for in a Smart Toilet

Numerous smart toilet functions are available; however, each model will have a unique combination. So the most important thing is to get a smart toilet with the features you want without breaking the bank. Below, we’ll go through the most prevalent characteristics and their significance in a decent smart toilet system.

At the most fundamental level, there is comfort. This might involve a variety of characteristics as well as design considerations. Consider a heated seat and heated water jets for frequently cold bathrooms.

Consider the diameter of the toilet seat hole, the width of the seat, and the material utilized, as these factors will affect how comfortable the toilet is (especially if you’re shorter or taller than typical). But don’t forget about durability – cheap plastic hinges are a recipe for disaster.

The process for determining the best items in any area is based on authentic professional and consumer feedback, focusing exclusively on things that are indeed considered the best. Here are the other criteria used to evaluate each smart toilet:

  • Comfort: You don’t want to be uncomfortable while going about your business, especially after spending money on a smart toilet.
  • Environmental friendliness: in terms of both water and energy consumption.
  • Flushing system: how the smart system works and how it compares to others.
  • Cleanliness: whether the system cleans itself or how tough it is to clean manually.
  • Intelligence: the number of features contained in a smart toilet.
  • Value for money: Smart toilets are not inexpensive.

Features To Consider

Because smart toilets are expensive, choosing the right smart toilet is crucial. Before selecting a smart toilet for your home, consider the following features:


The interior and outside of a smart toilet are very important. These toilets come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can choose between more expensive models with a 28inch+ bowl and smaller, cheaper models. The decision is entirely up to you.

There are two basic types of smart toilet shapes on the market: traditional and unconventional. Conventional parts typically fit the amount of space you have; however, unconventional/large-built ones can be a little more fun.


How much room do you have available? If you have limited space in your bathroom, a little-sized toilet with a comfortable seat is ideal.

If you have enough space, there are no restrictions on the size of the smart toilet you can get. We believe you can obtain a few fantastic ones that will cost far prettier pennies because technology is evolving quickly.


What’s the point of having a smart toilet if you do all the manual cleanings? As a result, some functionalities are never lacking in smart toilets. It’s as if there’s an industry standard that must be followed.

Because of their efficacy, features like the self-cleaning nozzle have become synonymous with smart toilets. Other methods are used by these cleaning nozzles/wands to assure sanitization.

The wands and nozzles are free of hazardous microorganisms by employing electrolyzed water and UV light, keeping you safe at all times. Again, do not settle for less expensive brands because some of them use ordinary water, which may not be as sanitary.

Self-cleaning Toilets

There are only a few brands that have successfully produced self-cleaning bowls. They have demonstrated that self-cleaning bowls do operate with their smart toilet line. The Pre-mist feature allows the bowl to be wet with electrolyzed water before and after each use.

This is done so that microorganisms that may have accumulated on the bowl can be removed, resulting in a sterile environment. This process is kept in a cyclical manner to ensure that you are never exposed to harmful bacteria.


Remote controls allow you to conduct your business without any difficulty. Depending on the equipment you choose, you may find a sophisticated or simple remote system.

Always read the instructions to comprehend how the control panel and remote control function fully. When the remote decides to cease working, you must rely on the control panel. Look for models with an LCD control screen so they can easily engage.

Heated Seat

This feature is appealing because it provides inexplicable comfort. You may pick between basic heating seats and additional temperature settings according to your preferences. It shouldn’t be too tough because there’s a remote control.

Deodorizing and Drying 

These are minor functions that make a big difference in the overall experience. It is preferable to get a model that allows you to change the temperature of the drying function for faster or slower drying times.

The deodorizing function saves you, especially if someone else is using the spot next to you. The stink is being filtered and replaced with more pleasant aromas all the time as you go about your business.

Toilet Cover

The good thing about toilets is that they have built-in sensors that keep everything running properly. Nowadays, it is simple to find a model with an automated lid. When you approach or leave the toilet, the lid detects your movement and determines the best course of action.


You may be in a rush or ill and thus neglect to flush. If you have a forgetful mind, toilets with an auto-flush feature will be ideal for you.

When you step away from the toilet, specific models activate a timer that automates the flushing procedure. Such features ensure that the bowl is always clean and ready for use.

LED Lighting

A little lighting goes a long way when you’re tired and need to use the restroom. Many new models include a nightlight that can be enabled or deactivated with the remote control. Some even turn off automatically if it becomes too dark, guaranteeing you don’t run into anything.


Smart toilets, like many things that come with warranties, make us feel safe. If the toilet you wish to buy has a limited warranty, you may be able to extend it based on the terms and circumstances.

Commercially purchased devices have a shorter warranty than domestically purchased units. Make sure the company you buy from has exceptional customer care, whether you obtain a 10-year or 1-year guarantee.

Customer Feedback

Customer evaluations are an excellent indicator of poor durability since if a product is prone to damage, it is usually mentioned frequently. Your main worries should be the seat, the hinges, and any complex electronics, as these are the most prone to failure in smart toilets.

Then there’s the issue of eco-friendliness, which usually refers to the GPF (gallons per flush) rating and power consumption. If you want to keep your water bills low and prevent wasting water, go for a low GPF. Consider a system that shuts down automatically when not in use to avoid wasting electricity.


First-time installation can be challenging. Depending on the product, you may or may not be able to accomplish it independently.

Toilets with power cords require an electrical outlet, so if you don’t have one, you’ll need to hire an electrician. Though some gadgets use batteries, you must decide whether you want to deal with the ongoing cost and trouble of replacing the batteries regularly.

Once installed and connected to the water supply, the only thing left is cleaning the system.

Fortunately, this isn’t too dissimilar to cleaning a traditional toilet system – in fact, it’s easier in some ways. You won’t have to clean as often, and it won’t take as long, thanks to features like a quick-release seat and pre-misting to keep grime from clinging to the bowl.

The only distinction you should be aware of is the presence of electronics that you would not find in a standard toilet. It goes without saying that liquid should be avoided near electrical plugs.

Also, avoid splattering excessive water or cleaning agents on remote controls, LCD screens, or other control panels.

Top 5 Smart Toilets

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Final Thoughts

Who cares about a smart toilet with a slew of functions you’ll never use? The ideal smart toilet for you will be determined by the characteristics that are most important to you.

Some people will wish to enjoy a fancy toilet equal to a Rolls Royce, complete with all the bells and whistles to improve their toilet visits.

Others, on the other hand, will prefer certain traits over others. So, before we conclude this guide and review, let us highlight some of the aspects that we believe are most important when determining which product will work best for you:

  • Is it possible to change the settings on the warm air dryer? This eliminates the need for toilet paper drying and allows you to control the dryer temperature.
  • Is there a way to alter the heated seat, such as an energy-saving mode?
  • Is there an LED night light built into the toilet? LED lights are very handy when installing the appropriate smart toilet for children or the elderly.
  • Do you desire smart toilet seat technology? This implies that the seat will open and close automatically for you.
  • Is the toilet’s water temperature adjustable? Obviously, some people enjoy warm water while others prefer hot water; therefore, the ability to modify the temperature of the water is an excellent feature.
  • Is it possible to change the water pressure? Adjusting the water pressure is critical for finding comfort, especially when using bidet toilets.
  • The best smart toilets have an improved flushing mechanism, such as a jet flushing system or a self-cleaning wand that cleans the toilet for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of smart toilets?

Whether you’re simply replacing your existing toilet or renovating the entire bathroom, a smart toilet is a smart decision. They’re not only a stylish addition to your smart home; they’re also more convenient, sanitary, and frequently cost-effective.

Most smart toilets come standard with a bidet wand and air drying. Some toilets will also include an automated flushing option.

More expensive or feature-rich models will add capabilities to these fundamentals. A heated seat is intriguing on those frigid winter mornings when the lavatory is anything but cozy. And LED night lights make it much easier to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night without waking up the family.

Do smart toilets conserve water?

If you purchase a smart toilet, you will most likely save money on your water cost. Some of these devices can really detect how much water is required and flush with just enough — but not too much.

Some of the most efficient toilets use as little as 0.6 GPF (gallons per flush), but a conventional toilet can easily consume up to 1.6 GPF or so.

There are additional water-saving possibilities for smart toilets that lack such sensor technology. You may choose between a partial or full flush on many smart toilets, depending on how much water you want to use.

But, when it comes to environmental friendliness, it’s not just about how much water your toilet uses. All of that smart functionality necessitates the use of electricity, which means that smart toilets are required.

This reduces the environmental advantage and is inconvenient if you don’t already have a free outlet in the bathroom.

Can I use my voice to control my smart toilet?

You probably control everything with your voice if you already have a smart home setup with a voice assistant. As a result, it’s natural to want to integrate any new smart technology into the system in the same way. The good news is that a smart toilet with voice-activated functions is available.

The bad news is that not all smart toilets include built-in voice assistant capability. Those that do have such integration are usually at the higher end of the pricing range. 

To make use of a smart toilet, you don’t need a voice assistant. Without voice assistant integration, most models provide some level of automation.

Self-opening seats and lids, automated night lights, and automatic flushing are all common features in both low-cost and high-end smart toilets.

Does electricity power smart toilets?

Smart toilets, like any other smart equipment, require electricity to operate automated functions such as heating and spraying.

Your smart toilet can be powered by one of two methods: batteries or energy from a wall socket. Normally, you don’t have a choice – certain products rely solely on batteries, while others require an outlet.

That means you’ll need to have a look at your facilities before making a purchase. If your bathroom does not have a socket and you do not want to modify anything, go with a battery-powered toilet.

The last thing you want is to get a toilet with a power chord only to discover that there is no place to plug it in.

However, by hiring a skilled electrician, you should be able to install a new outlet in your bathroom with considerable simplicity.

If you choose to add a new socket, talk with someone who knows what they’re doing. Also, think about how the bathroom is laid out so that the power plug doesn’t become wet.

Do I need a professional to install a smart toilet?

That is entirely dependent on your level of installation expertise. The plumbing may not be difficult because most toilets have standardized connections.

The problem could be caused by the electrical socket that is required for the toilet to function. It is best to hire a professional for safe electrical wiring. It shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re familiar with plumbing and electrical work.

Do I need to update my LED lights regularly?

Although LED lights are renowned for lasting a long time, they eventually need to be replaced. This is solely dependent on the toilet’s design.

Some manufacturers supply replacement lights, while others leave you to fend for yourself. You may always buy individual nightlights and manually connect them to the toilet if you don’t know where the nightlight is.

How can I keep my smart toilet in good working order?

Smart toilets don’t require much maintenance until something goes wrong with the electrical component and you need to call an expert. You only need to clean the device on a regular basis to remove any stains or dirt that have accumulated.

If any parts need to be replaced, you can either contact the company for replacements or do it yourself. Unclog any blocked nozzles or bidets with vinegar and warm water.

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