Dog Crates For Travel

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Our Guide To The Best Dog Crates For Travel

Dedicated dog crates for travel will keep your dog safe and calm. They are secure and comfortable, making them an essential item for dog lovers. 

Considerations For Dog Crates For Travel

Not every dog cage is appropriate for every size of dog or every type of journey. So before you buy, consider the following:


There are two primary varieties of dog cages and carriers to choose from, with each style better suited to specific scenarios and canine personalities:

Hard-sided crates and carriers are ideal when traveling long distances and can be used to transport your dog when you arrive at your destination.

The molded plastic construction makes them easy to clean between uses, making them a good choice for dogs who like to chew.

Soft-sided crates and carriers are ideal for dogs who are accustomed to traveling, and their lightweight form makes them suitable for use on airlines and shorter travels.

These flexible carriers are easy to carry and come with extra features like comfortable shoulder straps and helpful storage pockets, as long as you choose the proper size for your dog.


While you may be limited by airline laws or the actual size of your cargo area, the dog cage or carrier you select must have enough space for your dog to travel comfortably.

It should be large enough for your dog to sit, stand, sleep, and turn around but small enough to keep them feeling protected and secure. As a general guideline, your dog’s box or carrier should be no more than 6 inches longer than his.

Crates and carriers are often available in several sizes to accommodate a wide range of dog breeds. Measure your dog from his back legs to his neck and again from his shoulders to the ground to determine which size cage or carrier will work best for him.


The majority of manufacturers will also specify a maximum weight for their crates and carriers. This is especially vital if you intend to transport your dog in it.

If your dog is between sizes, always choose the crate or carrier with the most capacity to ensure that it is strong and spacious enough for them to feel comfortable in.


The cage or carrier you select should be solid and sturdy enough to keep your four-legged pet safe while in transit without making them feel fearful or uncomfortable.

Look for crates and carriers with sturdy zippers or clasps on the doors to prevent your dog from escaping, and always choose a model with mesh sides or ventilation slits to allow your dog to breathe easily.

To keep your dog from being flung around on the road while traveling in your vehicle, use the seat belt or shoulder harness to secure the crate or carrier.


Some dogs become pretty anxious when traveling, and others despise being confined in a crate or carrier.

Make them feel more at ease by opting for solutions that provide soft and pleasant seating spaces that can be washed between uses and perhaps thrown in their favorite toy or blanket.

Top 5 Dog Crates For Travel

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a cargo crate for your husky or an airline carrier for your bichon frise, there are several secure and pleasant ways to keep your best friend close by.

Finding the ideal type for you and your dog, from hard-sided cages to soft and flexible carriers, will allow you to enjoy many kilometers of travel together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I train my dog to use a travel crate?

Begin carefully and patiently when introducing your dog to a travel crate. You should leave the crate door open and line it with your dog’s favorite blanket and maybe a piece of clothing to make them feel comfortable. Use a lot of treats and positive reinforcement to develop a good association.

Is it safe to transport a dog in a crate?

Crates are a great and safe way to travel with your dog in cars or on planes. Look for containers with durable zippers, clasps, and latches.

What size travel crate should I get for my dog?

Measure the length of your dog from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail. Your dog’s travel box should be no longer than its height, plus 6 inches. Also, ensure your dog has adequate space to sit, lie, and turn around.

How should I go about selecting a travel crate for my dog?

When selecting a travel crate for your dog, there are various factors to consider. Of course, safety and comfort will be high on your priority list. It’s also critical to buy the right size for your dog; weight is crucial, especially for air travel.

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