Cremation Jewelry

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Cremation Jewelry – Best Keepsake Gifts To Remember Someone You’ve Lost

It’s difficult to cope with the loss of a loved one. You want to find a method to keep the closeness going after they’re gone, yet it’s typical to feel a lack of closure when the memorial or burial services are complete.

The grieving process is natural and necessary. Look for methods to remember the happier times you shared while you go through this healing process.

Cremation jewelry, also known as memorial jewelry or remember jewelry, is a simple method to keep your loved one’s memories alive. Cremation jewelry for ashes can be a little container worn as an item that contains a portion of the cremated ashes.

Infusing the ashes in a piece of porcelain or glass is another design choice. Cremation necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other items are popular.

Cremation jewelry comes in a variety of designs and sizes. This piece has significant meaning, so don’t rush through the selection process. If jewelry isn’t your style, think about displaying another form of cremation remembrance in your house.

The Most Important Guide To Buying Cremation Jewelry

When a loved one passes away, most people want to keep their memory and spirit alive by wearing jewelry with a small portion of the cremated remains inside. This type of memorial jewelry is commonly called cremation jewelry, and it can make a powerful statement about honoring your departed loved one in a creative and tasteful way.

But buying cremation jewelry isn’t as straightforward as getting any other type of jewelry. It requires serious consideration of many different factors.

So if you want to find the perfect piece of cremation jewelry – one that symbolizes your love for your deceased friend or family member – this guide will help you. Here I’ll include tips on the subject of how to buy cremation jewelry so you can choose wisely and feel confident with your purchase.

Choosing the appropriate cremation ashes jewelry might be difficult. There are many styles to pick from, and it is not a common buy. Our comprehensive cremation ashes jewelry guide gives you all the information you need to make an informed selection and find the cremation jewelry that is appropriate for you!

What Is Ashes Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry, often known as mourning jewelry, dates back to the late 1800s. Hair was plucked from the deceased’s head and made into jewelry, such as a brooch or a hat, and handed to the next of kin.

A little hollowed-out interior in a pendant, ring or other pieces of jewelry is reached by removing a threaded screw. The screw could be the bail at the top of the pendant, or it could be on the back, side, or bottom.

A pinch or 1/8 teaspoon of cremated ashes or other mementos can be put to the inside and sealed. The appearance of the cremation ashes jewelry reveals nothing about what is contained within.

Cremation jewelry has grown over time and is now one of the most innovative and commonly recognized methods for individuals and families to have a visual and personal memento of their loved ones.

Cremation Jewelry Is the Ideal Bereavement Gift

According to the National Funeral Directors Association, almost 80% of people in the United States choose cremation over completely traditional burial. That kind of statistic makes it evident that bereavement gifts must celebrate a life well-lived, not necessarily the recent loss experienced by the deceased’s family.

Bereavement gifts should reflect remembrance and honor in more modern ways than just flowers or donations in a person’s name. Cremation jewelry is a stunning choice that allows people to carry around ashes forever in a discreet and tasteful manner.

For Close Relatives

Spouses and immediate family members can benefit from a discreet and compassionate approach to having a worn and visible physical memory of their loved ones.

Close Friends

Close friends may find comfort in being able to ‘touch’ a memory of someone they cherish, and no one needs to know what’s on the inside.

Pet Owners

Cremation jewelry pendants with dog themes make an ideal present for a neighbor, friend, or family member who has lost a beloved pet.

When a card and flowers are insufficient, cremation jewelry for ashes is the appropriate way to convey your condolences. With so many styles and personalization possibilities to pick from, present givers can send a bereavement gift that is very personalized and unique to the departed.

Unique Styles of Cremation Jewelry

The loss of a beloved family member is undoubtedly one of the most difficult times in life. While no material object can fully assuage the pain of loss, a physical item that you can keep close to remember your special someone by can make all the difference.

One increasingly popular way to honor and remember lost loved ones is through cremation jewelry. This type of jewelry has the ability to hold whatever remains are available (whether it’s ashes, soil, locks of hair, etc.) so that you can have a piece of them always with you.

Our loved ones are unique, distinct, and one-of-a-kind. They have distinct personalities, quirks, and hobbies, and it is these characteristics that we frequently cling to when they die.

Because cremation jewelry comes in a variety of styles, you can personalize your memory of your loved one. The styles are simple to incorporate into any lifestyle and provide a subtle and visible way to remember someone special.

But what types of cremation jewelry are available? In this article, we will look at some unique styles that might inspire you when selecting remembrance jewelry for your late loved one.

Pendants – Styles For Every Lifestyle

Cremation pendants, one of the most adaptable types of cremation jewelry that retains ashes, are available in a wide range of designs, themes, and materials. Cremation jewelry pendants with hearts, nature and animal-inspired motifs, bold macho designs, and more are an excellent choice for the entire family.

One of the most popular types of cremation jewelry are pendants. These pieces are small, meaning they can fit easily underneath a shirt or sweater and be worn in honor of a loved one.

Pendants come in many styles ranging from traditional to more modern designs, and they can be made out of materials including silver, gold, glass, stainless steel, and even wooden beads.

Not only do these pendants allow you to have a special memento against your skin, but they also help keep your cherished memories close at hand.

Some popular design options include heart shapes and crosses. You can also choose engraving styles such as monograms or special messages to mark the occasion even more deeply. Additionally, because they are small, you can pack multiple pendants if you have several people you’d like to remember.

Rings – A Sign of Everlasting Love

Cremation rings are a great way to create a lasting remembrance of a loved one who has passed away. They carry a small amount of cremated ashes inside the interior of the ring. The rings come in a variety of metals and shapes, ranging from trendy rings to more classic bands and subtle aesthetics.

There are cremation ring options for men’s and women’s sizes, and most can be personalized with initials, a word, or a short message on the inside of the band or the top of the ring. Choose memorial rings for ashes as a discreet way to keep a spouse, parent, child, or even a beloved pet close at hand.

Cremation rings are an excellent present for someone who is in mourning. Rings can be an excellent choice of cremation jewelry as they are available in a variety of unique and stylish designs. Cremation rings come in many styles, such as solid gold, silver, and stainless steel.

They may also be adorned with different kinds of stones like diamonds or rubies for added beauty. These earrings may even come with a special engraving that helps to commemorate the deceased person’s life.

Cremation rings are designed to last forever and help keep the memory of your loved one alive for years to come.

For An Adult Child

Cremation rings are a great way to honor and remember a beloved parent who has passed away. They’re a touching way for an adult child to keep their parent close, even after he or she has gone.

Cremation rings often come in the form of an urn or contain the ashes of the most cherished person in your life. It’s a beautiful symbol of that eternal bond and unconditional parental love.

Cremation rings can be made out of metal, sterling silver, gold, titanium or stainless steel. Some cremation rings may also come with a heartfelt message inscribed on them for added sentimentality.

For A Partner

Cremation bands for men and women can be given as a replacement wedding band, or promise rings to those who have lost a spouse.

A cremation ring is a heartfelt gift for someone who has lost their spouse. These rings are designed to hold a small number of ashes from a loved one and can be worn close to you as a symbol of love and remembrance.

They can also contain locks of hair, soil from a meaningful place, or just about anything that will provide comfort. Cremation rings come in a variety of styles and metals, so you can choose one that fits your partner’s personal style.

Create an engraving on the ring as another way to memorialize their lost loved one. You could choose a timeless design that they could enjoy wearing for years to come.

In Honor Of A Close Friend

If you want to honor the family member’s pet that has passed, consider buying a cremation ring. A cremation ring is a unique piece of jewelry made with a small portion of your pet’s ashes along with other materials such as birthstone crystals and charms. It’s an excellent way to remember your furry loved one in style, and it can be worn as a token of love for many years to come.

You could also incorporate additional details into the design of the cremation ring such as engravings, or if you prefer, you can simply keep it plain yet meaningful.

Bracelets – A New Way To Remember

Bracelets are becoming increasingly popular as a unique style of cremation jewelry. These bracelets are designed to hold ashes, locks of hair, or other special mementos so you can keep a loved one close to you at all times.

They come in many styles, from delicate charm bracelets to modern wrap bracelets with engravings and stones. Cremation bracelets are a subtle way to honor someone who has passed away while also being fashionable and personalized.

Choose an inscription that pays tribute or expresses how much you miss the person you’re honoring. Find charms that represent your loved one’s hobbies, interests, birth sign, or more for a symbolic reminder of them.

Cremation bracelets for ashes, made of leather, titanium, and other materials, are a stylish way to remember a loved one. Cremation wristbands are made to fit any wrist size, and the exterior never shows that the interior contains a pinch of cremated ashes or another memento.

Cuff Style

Cremation bracelets in the cuff design are suitable for both men and women and may be adjusted to match your wrist. These cuff bracelets feature styles with charm cremation pendants that hold cremated ashes, strands of hair, or other chosen memento.

Link or Band Style

Cremation bracelets in the link or band type attach to a jump ring with a clasp and are a typical fitting bracelet. Furthermore, because they store cremated ashes and can be inscribed with a few lines of text, these cremation bracelets offer a great degree of personalization.

Keychains – Take It With You Everywhere

Cremation keychains are a unique style of cremation jewelry that allows you to hold a small part of a loved one close to your heart.

They typically include an iconic pendant, surrounded by metal accents and inscribed with the beloved’s name or initials. Cremation keychains can be made using different materials, such as stainless steel, gold and silver.

The metal materials around the centerpiece will keep it safe and provide extra sentimental value to its wearer. These keychains can become cherished memories for those who have lost someone special in their life.

Cremation keychains are a terrific option for individuals who want to keep a loved one’s memories close but don’t wear a lot of jewelry. Because of the variety of themes and materials available, you can select the cremation keychain that best meets your needs.

Because there are so many cremation keychains to choose from, you can really narrow down your options. Keychains for ashes are a terrific way to transport a loved one’s or a beloved pet’s memories with you wherever your travels take you.

Here are some suggestions for cremation keychains:

  • Shotgun shell keychains are ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors or prefer a more manly appearance.
  • Dog paw cremation ashes keychains: Perfect for anyone who has lost a dog yet wishes to remember them on their travels.
  • Photo-engraved keychains are perfect for anyone in your life who has just lost a loved one.
  • Choose a photo-engraved keychain with their loved one’s photograph engraved onto the flat surface to give them a visual memory.
  • There are numerous styles available – The loss of our dogs is painful, and what better way to commemorate their lives than with a pet cremation keychain? The keychains are beautifully fashioned from stainless steel, sterling silver, and other materials and contain a pinch of ashes inside.
  • A fantastic idea for children – Cremation keychains are an excellent gift for children who have suffered their first loss. In lieu of ashes, the keychains can be filled with a short scroll, a piece of t-shirt, or bits of fur. The keychains are very simple to attach to a backpack.

Cremation Jewelry for the Rearview Mirror

Cremation jewelry for the rearview mirror is a unique and meaningful way to honor your loved one. These pieces are small and lightweight, and they are designed to be easily hung on the rearview mirror of cars, trucks, or other vehicles.

These pieces of cremation jewelry can be made of stainless steel, pearl, freshwater pearl, sterling silver, and more. They come in many different shapes, such as angels, hearts, crosses, and many others.

This special piece of cremation jewelry can serve as a daily reminder that your loved one lives on in your heart and memories no matter how far away you may be from them.

We spend a lot of time on the road, and rearview mirror cremation jewelry allows you to have a memory of your loved one with you while driving.

You are not limited to simply placing ashes inside your rearview mirror cremation jewelry. Inside the cremation necklace, a small piece of their favorite old t-shirt, some dirt or ground from their favorite walking trail or beach, or even a few strands of their hair can be sealed.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding a special, meaningful keepsake gift to commemorate the life of someone you’ve lost, cremation jewelry is an excellent choice. This type of jewelry allows you to keep a small token or reminder of your loved one with you at all times.

It is also customizable, so you can find a design that truly reflects the personality and spirit of the person you’ve lost.

Whether it’s a necklace, ring, bracelet, or charm – having something personal to hold onto as a symbol of your love and bond will give you comfort during hard times. Cremation jewelry is truly a unique and timeless piece that will be cherished for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it better to get cremation jewelry in stainless steel or sterling silver?

Both are excellent choices for cremation jewelry. Stainless steel is rust-resistant, strong, and requires little maintenance. Sterling silver takes maintenance to maintain its brilliance and luster, but the metal’s beauty is unrivaled.

Is cremation jewelry water-resistant?

Sealant is supplied and should be applied to the threads of both the stopper and the opening. This forms a seal, keeping the ashes safe and secure within the pendant or cremation jewelry.

Is it possible to reopen the pendant?

After you have filled the cremation jewelry pendant with cremated ashes, you should not reopen it. When you reopen the necklace, you risk losing the ashes and causing the screw to cross thread.

What is the maximum amount of ash that may be placed within the pendant?

A pinch of cremated remains will fit in the typical cremation jewelry pendant for ashes. A pinch is equal to 1/8 teaspoon of ashes.

Some cremation ash pendants, such as cylinder-shaped pendants, will contain slightly more. Because of the design of the cremation jewelry, others will hold slightly less.

Do the ashes cover the entire jewelry necklace?

No. Your ashes cremation necklace was made with a very small internal chamber. That container will store around a pinch of cremated ashes, so be careful not to overfill it.

  • To gently add your ashes to the cremation jewelry, use the provided funnel and filling sticks, and then insert the screw to ensure that it lies level with the surface of the pendant.
  • Remove the screw, use a toothpick to apply the supplied glue, and then screw back into the aperture, twisting tightly.

Can I fill my pendant with two people’s ashes?

It all depends on the cremation jewelry and how you intend to incorporate the ashes. If you want to keep the ashes of two persons distinct, choose one with two chambers.

Is cremation jewelry unusual?

Cremation jewelry is becoming increasingly popular as a way to remember and honor someone who has passed away.

While it may seem unusual at first, cremation jewelry is actually a very common way to keep the memory of a loved one alive. Cremation jewelry comes in many different styles, from pendants and rings to bracelets and earrings.

Keepsakes fashioned from ashes are everything from morbid or macabre. Jewelry crafted from ashes is intended to be a loving, meaningful memory that will remind you of the pleasant times you enjoyed with the person or pet you lost.

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